Oh Baby, This Is Going To Be Big!

Sometimes I’m just like a little kid. I have a secret or surprise, and feel like I’m just going to burst if I don’t tell someone. I’m also exactly the same when someone else has something on me. Just ask my husband about the weeks before my birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Pester, pester, pester. What did you get me? Give me a hint, just a little hint. Does it start with the letter “D”? Is it shiny? Do I need to have my passport updated? Come on; give me something, anything… pleeeeeeeeease?

So, I was going to wait for the big reveal in the New Year, but I can’t. I’m dying. I’ve got to squeal. It’s too cute. It’s much too darling. It’s way too sweet. It’s: Paris Market Baby!

Paris Market Baby was born out of a desire to expand The Paris Market line to include the next generation in the cool, hip, and clearly not ordinary. No frills and ruffles here. This kid is 100 percent smock-free.

Eco-friendly, clean lines, simple, elegant, comfortable and fashionable. Who knew all those adjectives could describe a child’s furniture and clothing line. So hang on little tomato, the best is yet to come.

Stay tuned for the official reveal in January 2010.