Happy Halloween!

Our good friend Mr. Bones would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! And from the rest of us at The Paris Market, feel free to stop by and show off your costume or grab some last minute decorations if needed. We hope ya'll have a fun evening filled with tricks, treats and lots and lots of candy. Happy Halloween!


This Just In: Handmade Card Cases

There's nothing like finding the perfect case to keep all of your personal cards in. Fortunately, with our new collection it seems we've struck the motherload! Delicately designed, yet sturdy and crushproof, these German silver cases were moulded and struck from the original hand-engraved die stamps of the 1920's & 30's. Perfect containers for pocket, purse or desk; each case neatly fits business, calling, credit cards, driver licenses, money, cigarettes or what-you-will in a quality retro fashion look. Each is hand assembled with a spring loaded clasp and comes with a durable hard lacquer finish which preserves its lustre for years of continual use.

Handmade in Germany and available at The Paris Market.


Daily Inspiration: The Magnifying Glass

We know that sometimes there are certain details that need to be seen up close, which is one reason why our magnifying glass collection always continues to inspire us. With each one crafted out of varying materials and forged into specific styles, it's clear there's a magnifier for every type of person. Maybe you're reading longitude and latitude lines on a map, or maybe you're a detective solving mysteries, either way you can rest assure you've become acquainted with a lifelong friend if you've obtained your magnifier from this collection.
Available at The Paris Market.


Current Obsession: Linen Napkins

For us, quality always trumps quantity. Whenever we create a new display, let's say a tablescape for instance, we're often reminded how frequently it takes just one right item to make all the pieces fall into place. Our current obsession comes in the form of table napkins. Each one is carefully spun by hand, using only the finest linens, and with a combination like that, you better believe they'll make your table look good. With only subtle tones to choose from, these napkins unify your tablescape rather than stand out as a distracting accent, keeping your place settings clean and simple looking, just the way we like it.

Available in various sizes at The Paris Market.


Weekend Inspiration: Kitchen Accessories

One reason we love the Fall so much is because of all the delicious seasonal meals one can muster up in the kitchen. Unending pumpkin recipes, hearty soups and stews, pies and pastries, and so much more, this season is the absolute best for experimenting on meals that warm you up and fill your belly. With our new collection of teak and olive wood kitchen accessories now at our disposal, the desire to get cooking in the kitchen is even stronger than before. Besides, the majority of the fun to be had is in preparation stage and with all of our new accessories to work with it's guaranteed to be knockout meal. Have a great weekend! 


Fall's Favorite Accessory

There's a chill in the air today which means it's time to bring out Fall's most essential accessory, the scarf! What's great about scarves is how wonderfully they keep you warm and how easily they can be removed when no longer needed. On days like today where the weather is cool but not freezing, a sweater might be too much, however a scarf seems to be just right. Our current collection of scarves are inspired by classic designs and patterns that will undoubtedly spruce up any outfit and keep you fashionable and comfortable through the cooler days ahead.

Available at The Paris Market.


Behind the Glass: The Birds

Continuing with our Halloween window displays, our second storefront window draws upon another Alfred Hitchcock classic for inspiration. Yesterday we were caught looking out our Rear Window and today we're being chased by swarms of birds. Set in a small northern California town, The Birds is a bizarre film in which birds begin aggressively attacking the townspeople. Although our display won't be attacking customers in the store, it still manages to reflect the chilling and disturbing nature of the 1963 film. Like all of our window displays, you have to see them in person for the full effect, so be sure to stop by soon for a unique glimpse into some of the most classic scenes in film history!


Behind the Glass: Rear Window

With Halloween right around the corner we felt it was high time we set up a window display that reflects the approaching frightful holiday! Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1954 film Rear Window, our new window display transports you right into L.B. Jefferies' (James Stewart) living room. Referencing the claustrophobic, anxiety-filled emotions James Stewart undergoes within the film, we wanted to keep our window equally as unsettling. The only thing missing from this scene is the terror-filled James Stewart himself. Check back tomorrow to see what classic film inspired our second window display!


Farewell Monica!

This past Saturday we hosted a farewell party for Monica, one of Paris Market's most beloved team members. In less than 2 weeks Monica will be moving north to start her new job, and although we will miss her dearly, we couldn't be more excited and happy for her! For over 7 years Monica has been a part of The Paris Market team and it's hard to imagine this place without her, but we know she will only do wonderful things at her new job, bringing all of her amazing talent with her. Best of luck Monica! 

Below are a few shots from Saturday's celebration. Enjoy!


Weekend Inspiration: { pine cones }

Who knew there were so many variations of pine cones? We certainly never thought one could resemble a rose! As always, the natural world never ceases to surprise us with its curious beauty. Admittedly, scavenging the woods for natural treasures is much more fun than having them immediately at your disposal, but our current collection of nature bits is just too exciting not to obsess over. These curious pine cones are just what we needed to inspire us for the weekend.


The Flavors of the Season

Yes, Oktoberfest may have already come and gone, but that's ok because we're still enjoying the flavors of the season! October is a great month for trying new beverages, especially if you're a fan of beer. With so many breweries crafting new recipes of Pumpkin Ales and Oktoberfest style beers it's hard not to get sucked into the trend. As the days continue to get cooler and the leaves continue to fall, we can't think of a better time to bust out our beer steins to warm up and celebrate the wonderful autumnal season. 


Color Story { black }

Halloween is undoubtedly inspiring a lot of our decision making around the store lately and with our orange-inspired collection last week, it only seemed appropriate to showcase Halloween's other staple color, black. Besides, who doesn't love the color black? Attempting to display all of our favorite products would be an impossible task, however there are a few items that we continue to return to as Paris Market classics. From Kaweco pencils to Laguiole cheese utensils, baker's twine to forged iron nutcrackers, these products may not all be Halloween themed, but they are nonetheless some of Paris Market's best. 


This Just In: Paper's Best Friend

Don't let these adorable little animals fool you, they're more than just cute toys to look at, they're also paperweights! Extremely sturdy in their design and expertly sewn together in high quality leather, these little guys are the perfect companion to keep papers in order on your desktop or to keep your shelf's books standing straight up. Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Bears, Deer, all available in various sizes and shades of brown and grey leather. Stop by soon and grab your favorite before all they're all let loose to the wild!


Spongebob Squarepants in Savannah { part 2 }

It's not everyday you wake up, go to work and see Antonio Banderas running down the street dressed as a pirate. Although we're not exactly sure what is happening in this scene we do know a grand chase scene is underway including an epic pirate ship that can be seen flying down our very Broughton street. We can't wait to see how the movie looks on the big screen and to see Antonio running by The Paris Market. In case you missed out previous post documenting the transformation of Broughton street into Salty Shoals, check it out here!