Happy Black Friday!

It's Black Friday! Those of us in the retail world know that today mean's business! Today is the day when boutiques, shops, and corporations all give out their best deals of the holiday season, which is truly something to be grateful for! It goes without saying that today is one of the craziest days to go shopping, but if you're anything like us, the thrill of the hunt is what makes finding the right gift an adventure. There are plenty of wonderful holiday gifts worthy of busting down doors for and we're extremely excited to share with you our very own Black Friday must-haves! Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or larger gifts, we've got you covered! Come join us in the holiday excitement and get all of your gift shopping done today!

1. Fine & Dandy Brass Comb | 2. Siskiyou Backpacker's Cologne | 3. Bear Balsam Pillow | 4. Handmade Wood Bangles  5. Assorted Household Brushes  
6. Vintage Bottle Opener | 7. Red Cedar Incense | 8. Roland Pine Votive Candle | 9. Wood Shied Cutting Board

Available at The Paris Market!


Happy Thanksgiving!

On a day like today, we have so much to be thankful for. We're so thankful to be able to share the beauty we find in life with the wonderful community of Savannah that supports it. And, we are so thankful to able to share our lives with those whom we love. It is truly the greatest gift to have friends and family at your side and to be able to be there for those who need it as well. Needless to say, we're thankful for all of you! And from all of us at The Paris Market, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your day restful and filled with warm meals shared with those whom you love most! Bon appetit!


Postcards from Paris: { rendez-vous du matin }

Winter is approaching sooner and sooner. The crisp cold temperature encourages the most vivid golden tones in the turning leaves. As each morning seems colder and colder, approaching the holidays sooner and sooner, more and more layers of sweaters and coats are added to our wardrobe. My husband and I have left Paris for the countryside of sorts, but having a rendez-vous in the city on Sunday morning we drove in early finding the city sleeping. The avenues, boulevards, and rues were mostly abandoned, and it felt as though this grand, magic city was ours for the keeping. We had some time before, and we decided to take some detours before our destination. It was cold, but promising as the sun rose from the Seine and the sky was clear. The statues seemed like ice sculptures having a thin layer of frost and cold to the touch. I imagine them shivering all night without a sufficient amount of clothing and waking up frozen, only us to stumble upon them unplanned. My fingers were numb in the end, but there was nothing short of magnificent as we moved from the left bank near le jardin de Luxembourg across the seine towards le marais, where our rendez-vous du matin began.


This Just In: Bellocq's Pure Teas

Escaping the cold, wet outdoors of a rainy Autumn day to a cozy nook with cup after cup of warm tea is about the only thing we really want to do on a day like today. Grey skies, wet streets and a blustering wind are reasons enough to stay inside, add a cup of tea to the picture and you better believe we're not going anywhere! Fresh on the shelves and even fresher in our tea cups, Bellocq's new blends of pure teas are the absolute perfect remedy for the rainy day blues. If you're like us and need a little pick me up in the morning, No. 36 Darjeeling 2nd Flush is a delicious organic black tea with an earthy malted and dark chocolate finish directly from the legendary Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, India. If black tea doesn't fit your craving, our Bellocq sample box includes several other organic green and white teas as well, all of which are perfect for any occasion and just the right reason to stay in and be cozy. Time to put the kettle on!

Available at The Paris Market.


Wish List: Shield Cutting Boards

One of the greatest perks of working in a place like the Paris Market is you get to start making your holiday wish lists early, and if you're anything like us, your wish list includes a little something for every room in the house. When it comes to the kitchen, cutting boards are just one of those accessories we can't seem to get enough of. Maybe it's because we love using them so much that we wear them out too quickly, or maybe we're just suckers for a fresh slate, either way these shield cutting boards are just too delightful not to take home. Carved out of the finest White Oak and Walnut wood, these boards are sturdy yet lightweight, making transporting and cleaning a breeze, and being smaller in size you don't have to worry about taking up too much room on your countertop. Great for a multitude of uses, whether you're serving up a sampling of cheeses, or preparing a feast for the family, these Oak and Walnut cutting boards are bound to be your kitchen's new best friend! And don't forget about your fellow Chef friends, these boards are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook!

Available at The Paris Market!


Making Spirits Bright : The Baby Corner

Just like the doll pictured above, our faces can't help but smile every time we walk through the young Paris Marketeer corner. This little nook is a treasure trove bursting with adorable stuffed dolls, knit sweaters with airplanes, handmade wooden tops, vintage marbles, a library of children's books and so much more! I think we enjoy this area of the store even more than the kids that run through do. One of the greatest joys of shopping in this section is the overwhelmingly warm welcome you receive from all of the stuffed toys. It's as if the entire animal kingdom is hosting a celebration just for you and your children! And now that we have begun integrating some of our holiday favorites with the rest of our fun toys, this corner is really making our spirits bright! Next time you're looking to take your children on a mini adventure stop by and take a stroll through the shop!


A Table for a Feast

Where does the time go? We cannot fathom that Thanksgiving is already next week! Believe me, we're absolutely excited to enjoy the feast that lies ahead, but we're still getting used to the idea that Halloween is already over! Good thing we've kept our eye on the calendar because we've set the table just in time for our favorite meal of the year. Lined with neutral toned linens, our Thanksgiving table combines elements of nature with accents of gold. Pheasant feathers, desert bells and gold rimmed tea cups unify the tablescape, keeping the eye moving down the length of the table revealing more of our subtle but equally as beautiful dishes. Located as soon as one enters the door, our mouths begin to water with anticipation every time we enter the store and gaze upon the table prepared for next week's grand feast. We take reassurance knowing that next Thursday will surely be here before we know it. Bon appetit!


Postcards from Paris: { c'est noël ! }

The autumn grey sky has arrived saturizing all of the turning leaves. Like in the states, Christmas begins in November. The displays are up at Le Bon Marché, and I feel fortunate working there and feasting my eyes upon the season. It's an exhuberating feeling being amongst the Christmas cheer and the hustle bustle of holiday shopping. At Le Bon Marché, minimalists create the winter scenes in the windows. The birch trees are elegantly enhanced with gold, while delicate gift ideas hang from the branches. Instead of being transitioned immediately into the season, Le Bon Marché creates a gentle reminder that December is just around the corner. During the greay cloudy days, the windows seem stark. The gold shines, but everything else is white, but once the sun has settled around 18h, 'tis the season and the festivities begin.


Got to Have it: Everyday Napkins

When it comes to kitchen accessories, we are total suckers for quality napkins and towels. For a room that always seem to have a mess, cleaning up with paper napkins doesn't always cut it. Especially, if you're like us, and love the natural feel of linen or cotton. Adorned with simple, yet tasteful patterning, our new kitchen towels are winning our hearts over with both their look and feel. Our North American Oyster chart napkin may just be at the top of our kitchen wish lists! Next time you're looking to add some flair to your kitchen or dining table, stop by and pick out what is bound to be your new favorite kitchen accessories.

Available at The Paris Market.


Behind the Glass: Dutch Masters

In honor of the approaching holiday, we thought we would start celebrating Thanksgiving a little early by creating a brand new window display full of delectable treats! Inspired by the breathtaking still lives painted by all of the Dutch Masters of the 17th Century, we've lined our tables just as they have, with rich, bountiful feasts. Although the food on our table may not be edible, it is equally as beautiful, especially considering the majority of it is made from cut paper! Staring at all of the colorful fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses is just whetting our appetite for the feast filled holiday ahead.