A Table for a Feast

Where does the time go? We cannot fathom that Thanksgiving is already next week! Believe me, we're absolutely excited to enjoy the feast that lies ahead, but we're still getting used to the idea that Halloween is already over! Good thing we've kept our eye on the calendar because we've set the table just in time for our favorite meal of the year. Lined with neutral toned linens, our Thanksgiving table combines elements of nature with accents of gold. Pheasant feathers, desert bells and gold rimmed tea cups unify the tablescape, keeping the eye moving down the length of the table revealing more of our subtle but equally as beautiful dishes. Located as soon as one enters the door, our mouths begin to water with anticipation every time we enter the store and gaze upon the table prepared for next week's grand feast. We take reassurance knowing that next Thursday will surely be here before we know it. Bon appetit!

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