On the Table: English High Tea

Maybe we're just romantics but we've always relished the idea of English Afternoon and High Tea. Being intentional about taking a break in the day to share a cup of tea and a bite to eat with your family is unfortunately much less common than it used to be. We always strive to enjoy the moment we're in and make the effort to be intentional about our time, but we can't deny there are times when life gets busy! It's in these hectic moments that we like to remind ourselves of what's really important, which is why with our latest tablescape we've looked to English High Tea for inspiration. For us, the table is a daily reminder of what matters most; friends, family and the experiences we share together. Bon appetit!

Vintage tea set available at The Paris Market.


Weekend Inspiration: After Work Cocktail Essentials

After a long week it goes without saying that we look forward to unwinding with a cocktail after work. It's one of those simple pleasures that we always enjoy sharing with our friends as we transition into the weekend. Seeing as today is Friday and the weekend is looming right around the corner, we've got our eyes set on some of our favorite new barware. Not only are we obsessed with our whiskey stones, which keep our whiskeys just the way we like it, but with our simple cocktail shakers and our classic whiskey glasses lining the shelves, we're ready to put them all to good use and kick off this weekend with style! Have a great weekend!

Available at the Paris Market.


On the Shelf: Easter Treasure

Time never ceases to amaze us. It feels like Christmas was just yesterday and now Easter is less than a month away! And before we know it, the summer will have already come and gone. Hopefully this isn't the case, but either way, it's a great reminder to enjoy each present moment, because it will be gone in an instant! Seeing as the holiday is right around the corner, we've begun preparing the store for the Easter Bunny's arrival! Flowers, eggs, cards, bunnies and so much more are hidden throughout our entry display just waiting to be found! Stop by soon and stock up on your Easter treats before it's too late!


This Just In: Garden in a Bag

For some of us, the amount of time or space required to start a garden in our home is simply not in the books. Though we may romanticize the idea of waking up, stepping out our door and picking a fresh tomato off the vine, the reality of the situation is not quite as romantic. Fortunately, we've just stocked our shelves with the perfect solution in a bag! Though it may not be the same scale as a garden in your yard would be, the herbs are unmistakably top notch. And best of all, you can easily move them anywhere you would like! If you're wanting to start a micro garden without the hassle and commitment of a normal garden then look no further! Garden in a bag will equip you with everything you need! And, when you're ready to clean up for the day, our gardner's soap will make sure your hands look and feel as fresh as the herbs you've been planting. Happy gardening!

Available at The Paris Market.


On the Shelf: Low Country Luxe's Southern Botanical Candles

We're firm believers in finding inspiration wherever you live. For us, there's nothing more invigorating than being immersed in our local surroundings. We know it's unrealistic to think we can spend all of our time lounging by the sea or taking a boat ride through the marshes, but given the opportunity, we would want nothing more! There are endless reasons why we love Low Country Luxe candles, but the one thing that really makes them special to us is their ability to capture the subtle aromas and scents found in the Low Country. A place like Savannah can't be pinned down to one scent, because in reality it has numerous fragrances that make it memorable and Low Country Luxe has found the perfect balance in their southern candles. When life has us too busy to stroll along Tybee's shore, or nap underneath the oak trees dappled with spanish moss, Low Country Luxe's candles do a great job of making us believe we are doing just that.

Available at The Paris Market.


Currently Inspired: Handcrafted Wooden Birds

We are so excited that spring is finally here. Not just because of all the sunshine and warm weather we've been having, but because for us, spring means a fresh start with new projects, new ideas and brand new products! One of our favorite new spring collections is by local artist Collin Garrity. Like all the other birds that have returned for spring, these gorgeous wooden birds are here to stay! Handcrafted from exotic and reclaimed woods, each bird is as beautiful and unique as the next. If you're like us and always looking for a new office companion or something special to add to your shelf, then look no further! These little birds will keep you company all spring long with their beautiful colors and minimal design.

Available at The Paris Market.