Vintage Find of the Day: Brass Tile Letters

There are times when you're searching for one thing that you invariably happen upon something else unexpected that immediately demands your attention. It may not be the most shiny, extravagant or rare item, but something about it captivates you immensely. Our infatuation over typography has grown throughout the years. From the age-old tradition of sign painting, to the discovery of modern typefaces, we've slowly developed a deep rooted obsession with letter forms. Whether it be letter pressed, computer generated or hand drawn calligraphy, the endless nuances of typefaces have continued to fascinate and inspire us throughout the years. Fewer things brings us as much joy as finding vintage goods with vintage typography and our most recent discovery is the perfect marriage of both. Each brass tile has been carefully etched with a beautiful vintage letter and needless to say, we want them all! Whether you're spelling out your name or picking out your first initial, these brass tiles are the perfect way to adorn your house with beautiful vintage typography!

Available at the Paris Market.

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