Quality of Craft: The Fragrances of Santa Maria Novella

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, quality is everything. It takes the perfect balance of precise ingredients to create a scent that is unique, flattering and lasting. Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the world's oldest pharmacies. All of their products including their Acqua Di Colonia have been around for centuries, which undoubtedly speaks to the perfection of their craft.

First founded in 1221 in Florence by the Dominican Friars who started making herbal remedies and potions to use in the monastery. Their reputation became world renowned and the pharmacy, sponsored by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, opened to the public in 1612. The first “Eau de Cologne” has been attributed to the pharmacy’s creation in the 1500’s of Catherine de Medeci’s “Water of the Queen.” It’s popularity in France lasted into the 18th century whereupon a certain Italian, Giovanni Feminis, took it with him to Cologne and began to make it there, renaming it Acqua di Cologne or Eau de Cologne as a tribute to the city where it was produced. Today this refreshing mix uses the same original formula from the time of Catherine de Medeci and is simply called Santa Maria Novella.

Now, the Pharmacy is run under the direction of Eugenio Alfandery, a gentleman who has kept the tradition and legacy of Santa Maria Novella intact while at the same time updating the centuries old methods and procedures that are the mainstay of the reputation of this great brand. Santa Maria Novella products are made on site at their own factory in Florence using local ingredients. Each batch is hand made and supervised according to age old recipes and artisanal methods. With a cologne like Santa Maria Novella, quality speaks for itself. Sample any one of their fragrances and you'll never want another brand again.

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