Currently Inspired: Clocks

Even though it's not possible for time to actually speed up, every year seems to go by more quickly than the previous one. Our lives may be demanding us to stay busier throughout the day, but we still like to take time to appreciate the small things in life. Although we're not spending the day watching time pass, we do enjoy surrounding ourselves with a beautiful clock or two. We never realized how each one possesses such a distinct personality until seeing several of them next to one another. With a variety of styles to choose from, whether it be classic or modern or somewhere in between, if you're searching for a stylish new way to keep time, you are sure to find the right clock hanging on our beautiful walls.

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German Walking Canes

Walking canes, also known as pilgrim’s staffs or trekking poles, are primarily used by avid hikers to help ease the journey along their trail. Utilized for a variety of purposes, walking canes are perfect when extra support is needed, especially when traveling uphill or downhill. Walking canes are also great for clearing brush or other obstacles that may be blocking a pathway. Originating around the 17th or 18th century walking canes became essential to a gentlemen's wardrobe, not only as an accessory but as a defensive weapon as well. 

Our current collection of walking canes originate from the hills of Germany's countryside. Each cane is adorned with various medallions that commemorate the specific trail a hiker has conquered. Although some trails may be more difficult than others, the completion of any hike is certainly worthy of an award. With several of our canes being covered top to bottom in commemorative medallions, we can't help but imagine the explorers that accomplished such adventuresome hikes. 

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Postcards from Paris: {Vaux Le Vicomte}

For our first few rendez-vous’ M. Boisserie would take me to the neighbouring castles outside of Paris. Vaux le Vicomte had been on my mind for quite some time before and after Fontainebleau, mainly because of its interesting history and baroque style. Essentially the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte inspired the development of Versailles in a rather dramatic and ruthless way. Though smaller scaled than Versailles, Vaux le Vicomte is still grand and glorious with its elaborate and elegant rooms and incredibly precise clean-cut jardins.
I don’t tire from chateau visits. Yes, there are moments when the decadence seems like a bit much, but if you can zoom in on a detail, like the sun pouring in on the parquet floors and highlighting the subdued-toned chintz wallpaper, I’d like to think that the life of royalty would have some humble charms.


A Few of our Favorite Things

We've been eager for Michelle to share her Paris Market favorites for quite a while and finally the day has come! An incredibly talented artist, Michelle is currently pursuing a degree in Photography at SCAD. We know great things lie ahead for Michelle and we're so grateful to have her as part of The Paris Market team. Bringing a smile and positive energy everyday to work, Michelle is a joy to work with and we love learning what store favorites continue to inspire her! Be sure to keep an eye out for Michelle's photography in the near future!

1. Tintypes | 2. Color Tape | 3. Snakeskin Shadowbox | 4. Original Paintings by Kelsey-Garrity Riley
5. Lightbulb and Stand | 6. Animal X-rays 


On the Shelf: Sea Life and the Summer that Lies Ahead

Summer is so close we can almost smell it. The scent of the ocean is filling the air with our newest display of shells and sea life and it's giving us the itch to spend some much needed time soaking in the sun at the beach. Sea fans, Conch shells, Bat starfish, and plenty of other creatures from the sea are lining our entry table, greeting everyone that enters the store. Our shell collection inspires as much curiosity as it does excitement for the summer that lies ahead. See you at the beach!

Our wide variety makes it difficult to choose a favorite, however we selected a few special shells to examine up close:

Stop by soon and pick out your favorites!


Currently Inspired: Vintage Patterns

A few months ago we posted about our favorite new textiles for spring. Textures found in clothing, blankets, bags and pillows caught our eye and had us excited for the spring season. Lately, we've been noticing a pattern, well, several patterns in our store. Yet again, our attention has been yielded by the beauty and wonder found in pattern and texture. Today we have chosen to feature a few of our vintage favorites. Found in a range of everyday sources, from antique luggage to furniture, quilts to bound books, these patterns are sure to captivate the eye and instill a sense of awe.

Stop by soon and see if you can spot any patterns hidden throughout the store!


Him/Her/Home: Gifts from the Sea

For Him: Fish Skeleton | Natural Nautilus Shell | Pictorial Webster's Book
For Her: Coral Diffuser | Simple Stripe Scarf | Orange Lion Paw Shell
For Home: Oyster Coasters | Fish Bottle Opener | Sandblasted Manzanita Branch

Living on the coast one can't help but develop a small obsession with sea life. To share our love of the aquatic, we have chosen to highlight some of our favorite new maritime products. We have plenty of treasures from the sea that are bound to intrigue anyone who doesn't already possess a fondness of life from the mysterious depths of the ocean.

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Postcards from Paris: { La D é f e n s e}

La Défense, a separate city northwest from the Champs-Elysées, a clump of modern architecture that resides next to Paris. It’s tying element to the city of light is the grande arche that aligns with l’arc de triomph. For the first year or so, I avoided such modernity like I avoided eating at Mc-Do; but these things end up getting a hold on you. Before I submitted to La Défense the entire aesthetic of it all did not quite fit into my ideas of Paris. Such tall buildings tainted and overwhelmed my charming view of the city. When seen from the top of Montmartre I could not understand why anyone would want to break up the skyline of terra cotta chimneys and zinc roof tops with glass and concrete rectangular towers.
There wasn’t anything I was as strongly against, but as I continued to check off all of the many charms on my Things-to-do-in-Paris list, La Défense lingered on the bottom, and a curiosity surfaced. What is life like in La Défense?
What sort of people go there when they could stay in Paris?
Is it overwhelmingly fast-paced?
Is everyone dressed in business suits with Bluetooths and Starbucks to-go cups?
After some convincing, I opened my closed- mind and took line 1 out to La Grande Arche. The moment I resurfaced from the metro I was staring straight at the Arch. There is nothing ornate, elaborate in detail, feminine, or really Parisian about it. White and constructed with horizontal and vertical lines, it’s grand and to the point, minimal and completely conceptual. There was a silence in the scene, and it’s possible that I allowed the grand arch to encompass my senses, but in all actuality all was calm. There is a large bronze sculpture of a giant thumb adjacent to the arch, and for me it defines La Défense, sticking out from Paris like a sore thumb, but this quartier of modernity was not what I had expected. There were plenty of people around, but everyone seemed more casual and laid back than what one would find even in Le Marais or off Saint Germain-des-Prés. It was surreal seeing this huge, overwhelming square arch with people completely at ease on its steps, sunbathing and people watching. A few guys were playing acoustic guitars; two guys were smoking hookah and playing cards. Where am I? Then I realized this is still France, you can take the French out of their leisure setting and place them in an atmosphere that is assumingly fast paced, and they will still be French, completely at ease with themselves.
I now see La Défense as part of Paris, just with a slightly different backdrop.



Life Behind Glass

Terrariums are an excellent way to bring elements of nature indoors. Typically, they are enclosed glass containers either cubical or spherical in shape and are intended for growing and displaying plant life. Terrariums commonly include soil, small pebbles, sand, mulch and various vegetable fibers, however there is plenty of room to get creative with your display. Adding a favorite object from your home will help each terrarium become unique and specific to your space. Growing and developing miniature ecosystems is not only incredibly fulfilling, but is also an excellent way to liven up the household with some freshness found only in nature.

Available at The Paris Market!


The Five Senses of The Paris Market

If you've ever had the chance to visit our store in person then you know the wide array of products we carry. With every nook filled with oddities from all over the world, exploring the store is without question the most exciting part. Today we thought we would highlight some of our favorite tucked away items and how they appeal to our five senses. Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, taste and feel of The Paris Market!

Our vintage comic slides have a great sense of old-time humor. Whether it be slapstick or deadpan, they always manage to rouse a laugh.

Recently acquiring an authentic "His Master's Voice" phonograph has enticed all of us to pull out our old records and listen to the sounds of another era.

Fresh soap always fills the air with an intoxicating aroma. Available in a range of scents, Fresh makes time spent cleaning a much more enjoyable experience.

Our vintage candy section is undoubtedly a store favorite. The retro labels invoke a sense of nostalgia that makes us long for the good ol' days.

Summer may be around the corner, however our new scarf collection is filled with a wonderfully soft selection of patterned fabric, perfect for the cooler evenings.

Stop by soon and see what appeals to your five senses!