Behind the Glass: Mess Hall

If you’ve ever attended a summer camp you’re probably familiar with a mess hall. If you’re new to the term, or never attended a summer camp, a mess hall is nothing more than a room used for serving meals.

Fond memories of sharing a warm meal with fellow campers inspired the display behind this week’s window. After a long day of exploring the wilderness, nothing felt as satisfying as retiring to the hall for a grand feast. With every camper housed under one roof, mealtime was always the best way to make new friends and establish a stronger sense of community. 

Our display artists incorporated some of our greatest vintage products in order to keep the nostalgic feel present. Antique bottles, fishing baskets, old lanterns, tin cups and vintage plates and bowls make up the bulk of the display, and are all items that we remember dearly.

Bring the mess hall to your own home with some of favorite items from the display:

1. Vintage Glass Bottles | 2. Black Canvas Notebook | 3. Small Bowls | 4. Vintage Postcards | 5. Brass Tea Kettle | 6. Antique Sparkler Container

Available at the Paris Market!

What are some of your favorite memories from summer camp?

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