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We know that not everyone lives in Savannah (though we think they should, our city takes the cake!) So in between visits to our lovely town, you can satisfy those cravings to bring a little of Paris into your home by shopping with us on the web! Here is our newest collection of products now available in our Online Boutique!

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A Crafter's Guide: Mason Jar Party Tumblers!

 The 4th of July is just around the corner and party planning is already in full swing. The grills are being cleaned, sparklers have been stock piled, and every lovely lady in this great US of A has already purchased this seasons swimsuit for the nations largest beach going holiday. 
To aid you in your Red, White, & Blue celebration, we have come up with these festive Party Tumblers!

Supplies Needed:

Wide Mouth Mason Jars with Tops
Heavy-weight Cardstock
Festive Fabric
Pencil or Ink Pen
Spray Adhesive
Utility Knife
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Striped Straws

 Step One: 
Take the center of your Mason Jar lid and trace several circles onto your heavy weight cardstock. Cut out circles.

 Step Two: 
Continue using your lid to trace and cut circles out of your festive pattered fabric.

 Step Three:
Spray each cardstock circle with a layer of spray adhesive and press fabric circles (pattern side up) onto the cardstock circles.

 Step Four: 
Take your utility knife and cut an X (off center) onto each circle. Poke through X with your striped straw.

 Step Five:
Using your glue gun, lay down a strip of glue inside the center edge of your Mason Jar lids. Press your fabric/cardstock circles inside. Most Mason Jar lids are a shiny metal. To add a POP, try painting the ring of your lids (we chose white!).

  Add a patriotic punch to your 4th of July celebration with these Mason Jar Party Tumblers!


What a Perfect Match!

Style can seep into even the littlest of things.
Recently our love light has been lit by these perfectly printed matchboxes. We are now carrying quite a collection! Why would you ever buy a plain old boring set of matches again?!
Our thoughts exactly.

Favorite feature? Why the colored match heads of course! 
Your candles will never feel more pampered.


Bring Paris into your Kitchen

Just because you don't have a home nestled into the French countryside doesn't mean you can't bring a little of France into your kitchen. Our newest collection of Parisian pitchers, sugar dishes, and tea kettles have us all saying "Bon Appetit". Their whimsical scalloped edges, stamped wreath design and crackle glaze finish will bring the charm of the French to your table and have your guests teleporting to the elegant kitchens of Paris.
Now available at The Paris Market and in our Online Shop!

Stop by our store today to scoop up some of these Paris-themed favorites or hop onto our online store and get them delivered to your doorstep!


A Recipe from our Patisserie - Iced Strawberry Lemonade

The Heat is On!
Our sleepy Savannah town has officially hit the full fledged heat of Summer. It's time to turn this humid burden into something to celebrate by crafting up a glass of something chilly to beat the heat. Strawberry Lemonade is one of those smoldering summer drinks that comes to mind. But instead of all those sugary sweet options out there, why not make it at home with real fruits and a smidgen of organic sugar? This recipe works best in a Vitamix or other industrial-strength blender. Great for hot weather grill outs, romantic picnics, or a moment of self pampering.

Iced Strawberry Lemonade
  • 10 strawberries
  • 2/3 cup organic sugar
  • 4 whole lemons, with rinds cut off
  • 3 cups ice
  • 1 1/2 cup water
Place the strawberries and 1/3 cup of sugar in the blender with 1/2 cup of ice and 1/2 cup of water. Blend until pureed. Pour into the bottom of 4 glasses.
Rinse your blender with water, then add the lemons, remaining sugar, ice, and water. With your blender on variable speed #1, begin blending. Quickly increase the speed then turn the blender to high. Blend until smooth. Pour immediately over the strawberry mixture. Serve with straws and spoons & enjoy!


In the Spirit of Shakespeare & Company

You don't have to question that we are in an ever moving love affair with Paris.
 Amidst the history of this spectacular city there is a maze of unforgettable shops that go above and beyond the typical retail setting. One of which is the famous Shakespeare & Company, nestled just steps away from the Notre Dame. Writers, Artists, Musicians, and Fans alike flock from all over the world to visit this one-of-a-kind bookstore to soak up the inspiration and certain magic that undeniably lies inside it's doors.

 The original Shakespeare & Company was opened in 1919 by Sylvia Beach, an American Expatriate. The store functioned as a lending library as well as a bookstore and was the epicenter of Anglo-American literary culture and Modernism in Paris. Writers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, George Antheil and Man Ray spent a great deal of time at Shakespeare and Company. Its books were considered high quality and reflected Beach's own literary taste. Shakespeare and Company, as well as its literary denizens, was mentioned in Hemingway's A Moveable Feast.

Patrons could buy or borrow books that were otherwise banned in Britain and the United States. The original Shakespeare and Company was closed in 14 June 1940, during the German occupation of France during World War II. It has been suggested the store may have been ordered shut because Beach denied a German officer the last copy of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. When the war ended, Hemingway "personally liberated" the store but, despite this, it never re-opened.

In 1951, another English-language bookstore was opened on Paris's Left Bank by an American George Whitman under the name of Le Mistral. Its premises, the site of a 16th-century monastery, near Place Saint-Michel just steps from the Seine and the Notre Dame. Much like the original Shakespeare and Company, the store became a focal point for literary culture in bohemian Paris, and was frequented by many writers, such as Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and William S. Burroughs.
In 1964, after Sylvia Beach's death, Whitman changed his store's name to Shakespeare and Company in tribute to the original venture. 

 The bookstore includes sleeping facilities, with 13 beds, and Whitman claims as many as 40,000 people have slept in the shop over the years. Regular activities that occur in the bookshop are Sunday tea, poetry readings and writers' meetings. Whitman's daughter, Sylvia Beach Whitman, now runs the shop. George Whitman died at the age of 98 on December 14, 2011.

If you are ever in Paris be sure to schedule in a visit to Shakespeare & Company. Whether you are a literary maven or not you won't regret the trip. When purchasing a book be sure to ask the desk clerk to stamp the inside of the cover with their signature stamp. It is the best souvenir you could ever bring home. In the spirit of S&Co, we also affectionately stamp our collection of books here at The Paris Market. Just ask our lovely ladies to mark your book as you checkout.

 Who knows, you might meet the ghost of Hemingway or even Shakespeare himself along the way.

Image Soure: here, here, here, & here


Summer Scarf Style

 We are head over heels for our new assortment of summer scarves that have just arrived at the Paris Market!
These lightweight scarves are a huge hot weather staple for so many stylish ladies. We decided to offer up some trendy tips on how to wear this versatile fashion accessory.

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle. Find the center and place it on the crown of your head, wrapping around the back of your neck. 
Step 2: Keeping each end of the scarf in separate hands, twist each end around the other. Fold the loose ends behind your head, tucking to secure.

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle. Place the center of the scarf on your belly button. Wrap once around your body.
Step 2: Tie a knot in the front.
Step 3. Twist each loose end in your fingers and tuck into the already wrapped scarf. Be Creative! 

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle and give it a loose twist.
Step 2: Start behind your neck and wrap scarf (still twisted) once around the front of your neck. Tuck the loose ends in the folds behind the back of your neck to create the second layer.

Share the Scarf Love and Stop by The Paris Market to Grab one of your Own!


The History of Sweetness

Customers both young and young at heart have been buzzing about our collection of retro candy. 
If you visit our Patisserie you will find an assortment of sweet things to treat your tongue and your nostalgic spirit to your hearts delight. Some of the candy we offer is hard to find elsewhere and we love hearing the stories from our patrons recalling their past memories of these remarkable vintage treats.
Here are some of our favorites, and a little history lesson of their beginnings.

A Squirrel Nut Zipper is a delicious vanilla nut caramel that was first introduced in 1926 by the Squirrel Brand Company whose primary products are nuts. Squirrel Brand's managers developed the formula for a vanilla nut caramel to complement their chocolate caramel candy. The Squirrel Nut Zipper name originated from a Prohibition-era illegal drink. Legend has it that a Vermont man, arrested for public intoxication, blamed his "crazy" behavior on "some local hooch he referred to as 'that dang nut zipper.'" The new "crazy candy concoction" created by the Squirrel Brand Company was named for the drink.

Zotz are an Italian made candy that were first introduced into the US in 1968.  It is a hardy candy that contains a sour powder inside. When the powder dissolves, it reacts with liquid to produce carbon dioxide bubbles and a fizzing sensation. Many fans of the Zotz candies remember playing pranks with these fizzy surprises as a kid. Zotz flavors include apple, cherry, watermelon, lemon, grape, and orange.

The Mary Jane is a peanut butter and molasses flavored taffy candy with peanut butter in the center, originally made in 1914 by The Charles N. Miller Co. Charles Miller himself named this bite-size delight for his favorite aunt, Mary Jane. Believe it or not, Mary Jane's are dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free.

Chick-O-Stick is a peanut butter and coconut candy produced by Atkinson Candy Company that has been manufactured since the Great Depression. Chick-O-Stick's original wrapper featured a stylized cartoon of a chicken wearing a cowboy hat and a badge in the shape of the Atkinson logo. The chicken is absent from the more recent wrapper; it is speculated that it contributed to confusion over whether the Chick-O-Stick was candy or a chicken-flavored cracker. The Atkinson Candy Company's website states that the company's founder "came up with the name one day, and well, it just stuck." The company had once written in correspondence that they felt the Chick-O-Stick "resembled fried chicken" and that contributed to the name.

Candy cigarettes were a candy introduced in the early 20th century made out of chalky sugar substance, and shaped to resemble cigarettes. Their place on the market has long been controversial because many critics believe the candy desensitizes children, leading them to become smokers later in life. Because of this, the selling of candy cigarettes has been banned in several countries such as Finland, Norway, the Ireland, and Turkey. The U.S. state of North Dakota enacted a ban on candy cigarettes from 1953 until 1967.

Black Jack Gum is a licorice-flavored gum, made in a single batch every few years by the Cadbury Adams Company. In 1871, Adams received a patent on a gum-making machine and began mass-producing chicle-based gum. His first product was pure chicle with no flavoring, but sold well enough to encourage Adams in his plans to create the perfect gum. He began to experiment with flavorings, beginning with sarsaparilla. In 1884, he began adding liquorice flavoring and called his invention Adams' Black Jack, the first flavored gum in the U.S. It was also the first gum to be offered in sticks.

What are your taste buds telling you?!

All these candies and more are available for purchase in our Patisserie. Indulge your sweet tooth and re-taste your past with our diverse collection of retro candies!