Lulu and Company - The Scents of Fall

We just love Lulu and Company, and their new fall scents have us all dreaming of the cooler weather ahead. Hints of Carrot and Tomato Leaf fill the delicate glass bottles of their hand cremes and soaps, leaving your hands soft, supple, and ready for pumpkin carving. Lemon, Lavender, and Olive Bar Soaps make perfect gifts for loved ones this season. Stop by The Paris Market and pamper yourself with the spirit of autumn or visit our online shop to pick up Lulu and Company's latest products.


Postcards from Paris: {A Moveable Feast, and indulging in comforts}

I can hardly think of spending a rainy day differently.
Tucked away off the famous rue Mouffetard, only a few blocks away from where Ernest Hemingway once resided with with wife Hadley and their baby boy, Bumby. I have so many romantic notions associated to this area, especially on grey, chilly days.
I can't help but reference A Moveable Feast when the opportunity arises, “Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintry light.” though it's a bit early for such melancholy, the air is changing tones and the smells of the city hint a different season, being tucked away warm and cozy makes everything feel in place. The experience becomes even better when comforted by a pot of rooibus tea and spiced, carrot cake. 

Sugarplum Cake shop is a unique establishment in Paris. It's indeed a rarity to find such decadent cakes in windows here. Behind the counter are mostly native English speakers who generously slice well-sized proporations from their beautiful cakes. One can assume they all share the English humor because above the cash register is a printed sketch of two stick figures; one is a waitress holding a teapot, and the other is a chap with a tie sitting at a table, she asks, "Would you like some tea?"he responds "No." It's titled Anarchy in the UK. 
For you, my dear readers, such a scene in many cases is all too familiar, but cream cheese frosting has become somewhat of a luxury for me. Of course with certain changes there also surfaces the need for certain comforts. When the melancholy does begin to settle in like Hemingway mentions, it's nice to know where such comforts reside.


Introducing The Jewelry Bar!

We are extremely excited to introduce our newest shop section....The Jewelry Bar.
Our girls have been busy collecting the most unique charms and beads from all over to provide our creative customers with an assortment of jewelry supplies just waiting to be crafted into something special! With over 90 items to choose from, the jewelry designer in you won't be disappointed. Here are some of our best sellers, and don't forget to stop by The Paris Market to see what other treasures are awaiting you at our New Jewelry Bar!


Stop by and start crafting!

Postcards from Paris: {derrière les vitrines}

Fashion week is kicking off here in Paris, and one of the next best things after actually being at a show is window shopping. Some of the more notable windows are along the boulevard Haussman, at Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette. I bring you this month’s display, first-hand.
I love window displays. So much can be expressed through a window. I’ve learned this from working at The Paris Market. The windows were always top priority in defining and capturing the overall tone of  the shop. In Paris, the concept is no different.
I especially love les vitrines at Les Galeries Lafayette. Behind the glass, the collection from Lanvin was displayed on marionette mannequins. To add movement there are fans in constant motion blowing up skirts and waving arms about, making the mannequins come alive.
At Printemps, Louis Vuitton celebrates Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, collaborating with her signature brightly-toned polka-dots.
There is something peaceful and seemingly unsuperficial about window shopping at night. Since the opportunity of actually shopping has passed, one is safe to completely immerse oneself in the art behind the window displays. The commercialism still hints, but at night  after the hustle and bustle of the workday ceases the sidewalk in front of the windows seems more like a museum, and it inspires those with a certain amount of pocket change and then some, to return when the open sign is facing forward and the hustle and bustle is illuminated with day light.


The Gallery: A Time-capsule of Pictorial Photography

 Pictorialism is the name given to an international style and aesthetic movement that dominated photography during the later 19th and early 20th centuries. Pictorialism refers to a style in which the photographer has somehow manipulated what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph as a means of "creating" an image rather than simply recording it. Typically, a pictorial photograph appears to lack a sharp focus, is printed in one or more colors other than black-and-white (ranging from warm brown to deep blue) and may have visible brush strokes or other manipulation of the surface. For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving, was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer's realm of imagination.

 Pictorialism as a movement thrived from about 1885 to 1915, although it was still being promoted by some as late as the 1940s. It began in response to claims that a photograph was nothing more than a simple record of reality, and transformed into an international movement to advance the status of all photography as a true art form.

 During the era of Pictorial Photography, various publications arose, dedicating their pages to emerging artists and photographers who celebrated this international movement. One such magazine was "The Gallery", which showcased pictorial photographs from all over the world and included informative articles on the newest photography equipment, techniques, and subjects.

 Membership for "The Gallery" was international and open to anyone with an interest in photography. The publication worked closely with the Royal Photographic Society, the world's oldest national photographic society. "The Gallery" showcased work by famous pictorial photographers, such as, Harold Cazneaux, Frank Hurley, Cecil Bostock, Henri Mallard, Alex Keighley, Alvin Langdon Coburn, and Rudolf Koppitz.

Though it's last publication was in the early 1940s coinciding with the decline of the pictorial movement, "The Gallery" is still a treasured piece of photography history and is sought after by many art historians, photo lovers, and treasure hunters alike.

 Displayed among our selection of vintage cameras, film and photography finds, we have a collection of "The Gallery" publications from the 1930s. In it's pages you will find beautiful imagery, deco ridden advertisements, and the unforgotten history of when photography first became known as an art form. If your heart holds a love for the photo world, stop by The Paris Market to see our selection of unique photography time capsules.


Show me to the Seaside...

A selection of Nautical themed items have entered our doors and swam onto our shelves. Everything from sea whistles, compasses, and engraved bone boxes to make any sailor proud. Come sail away with our newest ship-shape products! Now available at The Paris Market!


The Travel-size Portrait

For as long as portrait photography has come into existence, its patrons have invented clever ways to carry captured images of loved ones with them. From plush, leather bound pocket size treasures, to plastered back beauty mirror, to wearable pins, portraits have traveled with us always. Some of our favorite new vintage finds include these carry worthy portraits that are just too amazing to overlook. Here are some of our favorites, now available at The Paris Market!


Postcards from Paris:{Le Comptoir Général}

These mid-September days seem barely summer, yet hint signs of autumn. At times they seem more summer-like, then changing unexpectantly to a crisp fall-like breeze. The potential seasonal change feels so convincing that I have to be cautious not to pull out all of my heavy knits because the next day any evidence of autumn could be dismissed by heat, sunshine, and discussions of un l'été indien.

Only opened on the weekends, Le Comptoir Général offers an entirely different atmosphere, totally embracing the likes of an Indian Summer.
Upon entering, you walk through a long, chandelier-lit hallway, covered in an ornate red wallpaper and lined with portraits of African peace leaders. At the end of the hall, there is an old concierge desk you pass, and there beaming in light the venue opens up to a vine covered tropical treasure: vintage furniture, sun umbrellas, old leather suitcases filled with ferns are set up casually. There are various eclectic collections curated throughout this sun-filled interior, from taxidermy chickens to Polaroid cameras, a counter with a record player and old record albums hanging behind. Scattered about are souvenirs from a 70's era African hair salon. With a second-hand store upstairs, and an incredible terrace that mimicks the interior more fully with a modest array of tropical vegetation, this diverse environment feels like a mix between an abandoned Cuban luxury hotel with Parisian bohémien bourgeois.
It's a perfect spot to pass these transitioning-season days.


Fall Favorites: Employee Edition

When asked to pick their favorite items for the fall season, our all-star staff had no trouble jumping on the chance to showcase their coveted picks. Our store is bursting with some incredible items for autumn, here is what our team had to say about what you (and they) can't live without!

Christina's Pick: Cubic Alarm Clock in Cream

Kelsey's Pick: Paper Mache Sitting Boy

Cara's Pick: Alchemy Candle in Savage

Monica's Pick: Mounted Star Halo

Isabelle's Pick: Leaf Taper Candle Holders

Jessie's Pick: Painted Apothecary Bottles

Shelby's Pick: Lulu & Co. Lotion and Soap in Carotte

From bath products, fall entertaining, cold weather cuddle-up reads, and everything in between, the Paris Market has this season's must have products covered.
 Stop by and pick up some of our staff favorites or create some favorites of your own!