The Superstitions behind White Sage

Whether you're the superstitious sort (us Savannahians love our local ghost lore), or just a "one with the earth" spirit...White Sage is a great tool to rid your home or your body of unwelcome bad juju. White Sage has been used by different tribes, religions, and unguided believers for centuries as a cleansing power. It is believed that Sage has the power to purify the mind, body, and spirit, and can get rid of negative energies from people and places. In some tribal nations sage is also used to wrap pipes or spread on the floor of the sweat lodge. It is also used for medicinal purposes.

Cleansing your Home

Begin in the center of the most trafficked room in your home. Light the larger end of your Sage Bundle, then as the fire dies out the smoke will begin to curl in large forms. Walk clockwise around the room, waving your hand like a fan in front of the smoke to spread it into corners. Continue into each room of your home. There are mixed messages whether you should have your windows and doors opened or closed during this cleansing process. The smoke and scent of White Sage is extremely dense, so we recommend keeping your home well ventilated for safety purposes.

Cleansing your Mind & Body

Take the lit Sage Bundle and use your hands or a feather to spread the smoke over your whole body starting with your head. Think of it like a shower, where you clean yourself and feel refreshed afterward. If you feel certain areas have more negativity than others, give more concentration to them. You can also do this to friends or family members (with their permission of course.)

White Sage Bundles are available for purchase at The Paris Market & Brocante. You don't have to believe in healing properties to love White Sage, it's smell is deliciously potent and leaves a crispness in your space that is hard to find in most candles or potpourri. If you are a local ghost lover, or just a Savannah visitor, grabbing a bundle before your next haunted tour might be a wise decision.


Debra Dakin, In The Pink said...

This practice would be an awsome one to do on the vernal equinox to usher in the fall the rebirth of Librans and Scorpions. That would be sept. 22nd!

Debra Dakin, In The Pink! said...

So sorry......wrong equinox! it is the Autumnal Equinox on Sat. Sept 22nd.