Low Country Luxe Event

Launching May 2 at the Paris Market and Brocante, 'Low Country Luxe' introduces a new line of eco-chic soy candles. The new collection is a complimentary addition to the popular 13 ounce original signature candle collection and features the highest quality of soy wax and the finest fragrances. The candles are made in the United States, are environmentally friendly and feature specially designed wicks for a clean burn.

The new collection includes:
Designed as a more masculine scent, Beau is a sophisticated herbal candle that combines the woody and spicy aroma of Tobacco Flower with the spice complex of the Juniper Berry highlighted with fresh Lemon and Bergamot. Packaged in a chocolate linen bag with a celadon green monogram, Beau was created to gives one the sense of walking down the streets of Savannah at night amongst the majestic Oaks.
Beautifully wrapped in ivory packaging to remind everyone who is the Belle of the Ball, Belle combines the smells of sparkling Pomegranate and tart pink grapefruit and sweetened with soft white florals. Belle is a perfect gift for bridesmaids, wedding favors and special occasions.
Everyone in the South has someone that calls them Sugah. This term of endearment, love and kisses is packaged in this beautiful Low Country Luxe candle that is a sweet combination of lush white Jasmine Accord and embellished with Noisette Roses giving it a subtle fruity and floral scent with spicy undertones. Sugah is tucked into a salmon rose bag with stark white monogramming.

In addition to the announcement of the new candle collection, 'Low Country Luxe' has pledged to raise $10,000 for the March of Dimes by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Beau, Belle and Sugah.

'Low Country Luxe’s' highly acclaimed signature collection of 13 ounce eco-chic soy candles capture the Southern botanical scents of the Lowcountry in a variety of fragrances. Named after Lowcountry havens like Savannah and Charleston as well as Sea Grass, Spanish Moss, Gullah and High Cotton, each candle is beautifully packaged in a cylindrical celadon box adorned with a watercolor of the marsh inspired from “The Marshes of Glynn” the 1878 poem by Sidney Lanier.

So, come join us Saturday, May 2 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm for a wine reception and support a worthy cause.


No Fables Here

Aesop belongs to that group of cosmetics brands called ‘niche brands’. Due to the high content of natural ingredients in their products, they can’t be mass-produced, and it’s clear that their products are associated with luxury and are often found in exclusive fashion shops. Their story began in 1987, as an alternative Australian cosmetics brand creating real solutions with botanically-based products for both male and female skin.

Its creator, Dennos Paphitis, was a pioneer in the use of plant-derived ingredients in cosmetics. But Paphitis’s idea was always to create effective products, forgetting about typical practices of promising anti-aging or rejuvenating creams, his aim was to make products with a clearly beneficial effect on the skin, but with real, feasible objectives.

One of Paphitis’s concepts is that the first positive step to great skin is choosing products made to work with the skin’s composition itself. Skin and plants have one big point in common due to their similar physical compositions, and as a result products that contain botanical extracts have enormous similarity and positive interaction with the skin. The company philosophy is very ecological, so all their containers are recyclable, from bottles to labels, and they don’t come in boxes.

A Fresh New You

Spanning Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance, Haircare, Bodycare and Home, Fresh is the destination for everything you need. Since 1991, Fresh has changed the course of beauty. Building on the cultural foundations of the past and utilizing the evolving research and technology of the present, Fresh creates the future traditions of beauty.

With a reputation built originally around natural, high quality body care and fragrance, Fresh has continuously expanded its lifestyle concept and product categories. With the launch of a full line make up collection in 2001 and a new haircare launch in the spring of 2002, Fresh completes its transformation from its roots as a luxury bath and body company to a complete beauty and cosmetics enterprise.

Fresh believes that every product must be as enjoyable as it is effective. Sophisticated delivery systems and innovative formulas advance the performance of ingredients both familiar and exotic. Visually engaging packaging reveals sensuous textures and scents for a uniquely gratifying multi-sensory experience. Fresh is consistently ahead of the curve.


Savon de Marseille

Big blocks of olive oil soap have been crafted for over one thousand years in the South of France. Since 1688 French law has declared that only soaps that are produced by following certain ancient methods, and containing only the purest ingredients, shall bear the famous mark “Savon de Marseille”.

It takes the Maitre de Savon (soapmaster) two weeks to make Marseille Soap. The delicate mixture of olive and vegetable oils, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean Sea salted water are heated for ten days in antique caldrons.

Know-how passed down through the generations will reveal to the soapmaker the right moment to pour the mixture into open pits where it slowly hardens. Cut into cubes and stamped, the soaps are then set out to dry in the sun and cool winds.

Only a few savonneries (soap factories) near Marseille still make this legendary soap in the traditional manner. Experience the extraordinary purity and gentle skin care cherished for generations.

Claus Porto

The oldest and most prestigious soap making factory in Porto, Portugal, CLAUS PORTO was founded in 1887 by two world renowned chemists: Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schwedder. Together they created the base for what was to become one of the most important soap making factories ever. Hindered by the advent of the WWI, the two German founders were forced to leave Portugal forever and sold the company to one of its executives, Achilles de Brito. Under his expertise and guidance the company flourished and became renowned throughout Europe as the best soap making factory in the world. Soon after, famous fragrance and fashion houses in France, England and Spain came to Porto to have all of their soaps made by CLAUS PORTO, renamed ACH BRITO after its then current owner. The factory today is still family owned and run by the great grandson of Achilles de Brito. At this 117 year old company, the family continues with the great soap making traditions that were a matter of honor for the original founders.

Other companies use modern automated methods, and lower quality ingredients for one simple reason: to make more product in a less expensive fashion, or, quite simply, modern technology has left the human out of the equation. At CLAUS PORTO / ACH BRITO it is exactly the opposite. The time - honored tradition of milling seven times (milling refers to the process of "mixing" the soap; the more times that the soap elements are passed through the mill, the more air bubbles are forced out of the mix and the more the fragrance is evenly distributed) has remained to this day the secret of the success of the CLAUS PORTO line. Milling seven times renders a dense, hard soap that is fragrant down to the very last bit, doesn't needlessly split or crack and gives a rich creamy lather. All of the soaps are naturally air - dried (as opposed to hot air machines which dry other soaps on the outside, leaving them soft and gooey on the inside and eventually causing them to crack and melt down to ugly blobs after being used) on racks for two to three weeks, ensuring an even, consistent bar. These luxurious and creamy bars are made with coconut oil and enriched with 2% shea butter to moisturize, protect, and replenish the skin's natural protein complexes. The highest quality fragrances from the south of France are used to create the exotic, lingering scents that have made these soaps so famous. The final soap product, and more importantly the base ingredients (many soap producers cannot make this claim) are never tested on animals. As this soap is completely natural and 100% bio-degradable, it is environmentally friendly.

Heaven Scent

Founded in 1221 (the time of Giotto and Dante) by Dominican Monks, the Officia Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Initially making mostly herbal remedies for their infirmary, the monks created wondrous tonics and elixirs, eventually experimenting with the manufacture of perfumes and essences – key to winning the allegiance of their most famous customer, Catherine de’ Medici. Born in Florence in 1519, she famously became the bride of Henry, Duke of Orleans, future King of France. She proved legendary both for her political intrigues and her love of novelty. She is credited with promoting, in the French Court, innovations ranging from the sidesaddle to the handkerchief – even tobacco. The pharmacy created a new fragrance for her, a perfume that became known as acqua della regina, or “water of the queen”.

The manufacture of the products continues today in a small factory two miles away, where the monk’s ancient techniques have been streamlined, but where much of the manufacturing continues to be done by hand. The factory can turn out only 500 bars of soap a day in any one of 25 varieties; each bar is then aged for a month before being chiseled by hand into its final shape. The modern line is now quite extensive and ranges from eau de Cologne to men’s shaving products, soaps, herbal and antique preparations.

Flawless, unmistakable, and painstakingly handcrafted, this product will make you feel and look like royalty.

I Love Paris In The Springtime

The Paris Market and Brocante that is! The days are finally getting longer, the sun is definitely shining brighter and higher in the sky and we are simply blossoming with new products and selections from around the world.

Over the next few days we will feature some of our favorite products and must have items that will make you one hip, cool, ultra-groovy urban cat. So cast aside those winter blues and welcome the season with a brand new 'you' made possible exclusively through the Paris Market Apothecary.