No Fables Here

Aesop belongs to that group of cosmetics brands called ‘niche brands’. Due to the high content of natural ingredients in their products, they can’t be mass-produced, and it’s clear that their products are associated with luxury and are often found in exclusive fashion shops. Their story began in 1987, as an alternative Australian cosmetics brand creating real solutions with botanically-based products for both male and female skin.

Its creator, Dennos Paphitis, was a pioneer in the use of plant-derived ingredients in cosmetics. But Paphitis’s idea was always to create effective products, forgetting about typical practices of promising anti-aging or rejuvenating creams, his aim was to make products with a clearly beneficial effect on the skin, but with real, feasible objectives.

One of Paphitis’s concepts is that the first positive step to great skin is choosing products made to work with the skin’s composition itself. Skin and plants have one big point in common due to their similar physical compositions, and as a result products that contain botanical extracts have enormous similarity and positive interaction with the skin. The company philosophy is very ecological, so all their containers are recyclable, from bottles to labels, and they don’t come in boxes.

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