Weekend Inspiration: The Natural World

As summer is ending and a change of season is upon us, the natural world is more curious than ever. With temperatures soon to drop and leaves to change color, we can't help but be affected by nature. It being the last weekend in August feels significant. Sunday is a whole new month and one step closer to a change in season and attitude. With Autumn looming in the background, we feel the need to enjoy these warm nights before they come to an end. Our natural curiosities around the store are a constant reminder to go outside and breathe some fresh air and this Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to do so. Have a great weekend!


Postcards from Paris: { The Château de Chantilly, part II: the cream }

The taste is something that really I’ve never tasted before. Often while dining in fancy restaurants in the U.S. whipped cream is often referred to as, ‘chantilly’. However, la crème de chantilly est vraiment unique à Chantilly. Even though there was anticipation amongst us to taste it for the first time, we wanted to enjoy the castle thoroughly without the tour being jeopardized by our curious cravings.
Being at this particular chateau for the first time I began noting the differences between this one and the others I’ve walked-through. It was evident that hunting was a proud sport to the residents. With trophies of taxidermy winnings hanging alongside beautifully painted masterpieces, one would assume that it was considered more of an art form. The grand hallway where these masterpieces hang against a red wall is overwhelming, and often feels like ‘too much’. We understood the value of minimalism, but a castle would fall short if it didn’t succeed in overwhelming the visitors with ornate details. The rain then passed, and our cravings reminded us of the cream yet to be tasted.
A short and pleasant walk along the stream, passing ducks and swans, we came to a village-like atmosphere. People were under a white tent, seated on white chairs indulging in la crème de Chantilly. The tent space was limited, so we took our places under the sun and ate strawberries with crème.
Oh, c’était trop bon!


Behind the Scenes: Savannah's Fashion Night

Next Thursday the city of Savannah is participating in Fashion Night where editors, stars, models, fashionistas and designers flood stores in cities across the country and around the world for fashion's most iconic extravaganza. For Savannah's Fashion Night the city of Savannah has invited fashion and design boutiques downtown to join the celebration as Broughton street will be closed down to traffic to create a more pedestrian friendly environment. Savannah's Fashion Night is without a doubt one of the most fun nights to be a business downtown and we've been working hard day and night getting our plans in order in preparation for the exciting evening ahead! We won't reveal our store theme quite yet, but you can expect it to be showstopper! Not only will we be dressed up for the fun evening, but our windows and store displays will be shimmering their beauty onto the streets of Savannah as well. Below are just a few sneak peaks at what's going on behind the scenes. You can expect more updates next week as we get nearer to the event. See you next Thursday! 


Postcards from Paris: { The château of Chantilly, part I }

We set our alarms on a Saturday morning, even though it was our only day to sleep in. It had been a while since we last visited a castle, so we were motivated. The weather forecasted rain, but we packed a picnic anyway. The drive over to Chantilly is beautiful and calming, and since the weather was what it was escaping from the city seemed to be the most logical. The same soundtrack that we listened to regularly in the states carried over to our lives back in France, and set the tone for the road. Chantilly is the land of horses. The legend has it that Louis Henri, the Prince of Condé believed that he would be reincarnated as a horse. In 1719, he had the horse stables redesigned by Jean Aubert in order to fit his royal rank. The horse stables are supposedly more impressive than the chateau, but he heard more talk about another Chantilly speciality that we couldn’t wait to get a taste of…..
à jeudi mes amis!



Take a Note: New Journals

Take a note of these journals! Just in time for the back to school season, we've got notebooks of all sizes. Whether you're looking for something to stash in your pocket or something a bit more traditional, we've got you covered! Not to mention, the array of beautiful designs that adorn all of the covers. Seen below are a few of our new favorites. Next time you're looking for something to organize your thoughts, record a memory, or simply write out a list, try one of our beautiful notebooks!

Available at The Paris Market.


Weekend Inspiration: Children's Toys

It's all too easy to get distracted while working at the store. The Baby area in particular, is one section that always seems to steal our attention. So many wonderful toys and odds and ends fill this little nook it's a wonder our customers find time to see the other parts of the store at all. One of the greatest aspects of the Baby section is the variety of toys available. Whether your child enjoys retro toys or contemporary ones, our selection is sure to keep you and your children inspired. Personally, our favorite is the mix of old and new, modern and vintage. From circus mice to compasses, slinkys to rocket ships, tops to marbles, having fun couldn't be any easier. With toys like these and the weekend right around the corner, we can't help but be excited to play!


Postcards from Paris: { regarder en haut }

 Be it in the countryside in Georgia, à la campagne en France,  in the charming city of Savannah or in the elegant city of Paris there is something always to be inspired by. Even though routine and the stresses from it can often be a stumbling block, une pierre d'achoppement, in appreciating the day to day. As with any city we become accustomed to our environment. Adjusting back after vacances it's normal to seek out the normailty from routine. For me, it took an act of organization through my collection of photos in order to focus in on a detail that constantly inspires me; looking up. From museums to train stations, boulangeries to public libraries, Paris ceilings are unique. So when we find ourselves with a pierre d'achoppement at our feet, look up.


A Few of our Favorite Things

We would like to welcome Cole to The Paris Market team! A native of Savannah, Cole grew up exploring all parts of this beautiful town, inspiring him to eventually pick up a camera. According to Cole, the camera has always been a part of his life. From family portraits to road trips across the United States, photography was always there to document the events of his life in helping him to see its true value and purpose. A recent Savannah College of Art and Design graduate with a B.F.A in photography and a minor in graphic design, he realizes although his college career is over, learning never stops. Everyday is a chance to get better and create something new. One of the most genuine people you will ever meet, Cole brings his infectious smile to work everyday and always makes the workplace a fun atmosphere. Be sure to check out Cole's website with all of his wonderful photography or stop by the store to see some of his prints in person!

A few of Cole's favorite things:
1. Dad's Root Beer Candy Barrels | 2. Letterpress Thank You Card | 3. Scented Candle | 4. Tintypes 
 5. Redwood Soap | 6. Soap Dish | 7. Bag of Dinosaurs

Available at The Paris Market.


Postcards from Paris: { rester à la campagne }

In August Paris is calm. Most everyone is finishing up their vacances and easing slowly back into the demands of city-living. After all the travelling and events of my vacation I felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation. So I decided to leave Paris once again and spend a week in the countryside. My fiancé’s parents were taking their vacances and invited me to guard their home and water their garden. It was such a relaxing offer that I couldn’t think of any excuse to decline. France outside of Paris is just as charming, if not more so. Each morning I’d wake up and get the house in working order, opening all of the volets to let the morning sun flow in, preparing le chocolat chaud and brioche for le petit dejeuner, and then watering the garden in hopes of discovering new developing strawberries or tomatoes or cucumbers or zucchinis.
A new set of daily tasks and an atmosphere new and undiscovered constitutes itself as vacation for me. As American children are back in school, the French are on their last-go before
la rentrée.
So Bonne Rentrée and Bon Vacances!


Contemporary Collection: Handmade Leather Goods by Katie

The day has finally arrived! One of our extremely talented team members Katie has just released her gorgeous line of leather goods made exclusively for The Paris Market. We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these beautiful items since Katie first mentioned them back in April. Her collection includes wallets, keychains, bags, clutches all handcrafted in a soft leather and finished with subtle hardware. Minimal, sophisticated and practical, we couldn't be more excited to see this stunning collection of handmade leather goods adorning our shelves. Be sure to stop by the store soon and see the rest of Katie's line before it all flies off the shelves!

Available exclusively at The Paris Market.


Weekend Inspiration: Wood

From driftwood to petrified, reclaimed to new, we are obsessed with different types of wood. With such a versatile material it's hard not to find something to love! Our collection above only shows a fraction of what one can use wood for. We've selected pieces that we felt were beautiful, either naturally on their own or by what they've become. The colors and textures found within wood always make for such a calming mood within the house or shop and as always, bringing natural outdoor elements inside enhances any atmosphere. Whether it's kitchen utensils, children's toys or purely decorative elements, we can't help but constantly be inspired by the beauty and practicality of wooden objects. 


This Just In: Handmade Dolls

These little stuffed creatures are some of the most adorable toys for children that we've seen lately! With animals like foxes, badgers, frogs, cows and horses, all dressed in their tiny outfits, what's not to love? Handmade with 100% cotton, these cuddly characters are super soft and easy to care for. Available in both large and mini sizes, our new dolls are guaranteed to bring you and your children countless hours of exciting adventures!

Available at The Paris Market and Online Shop!


Postcards from Paris: { p a l a i s r o y a l }

Edouard Boubat, 1950s

We just arrived back to Paris after a rewarding vacation in Georgia and New York. It was so wonderful having the constant company of loved ones each and every day. I didn’t have time to miss Paris for a moment, but once I had the chance to choose a destination to take my first stroll I could think nothing else other than Le Palais Royal. I have a never-failing routine where I grab a sucre roux zen zoo/bubble tea and take a sit under the sun in the royal square. It feels so Parisian with an exception to the outside influence of bubble tea.
The moments like this where there is a simple comfort of being in Paris and not trying too hard to be authentic makes me feel more like a native after all.


Shop Strawberry Moth

In case you haven't already seen them on our shelves here at the store, one of our absolute favorite online shops Strawberry Moth has been creating the most lovely illustrated greeting cards! Shop owner Jessica Duthu, a beloved team member of The Paris Market, and the previous blogger, is without a doubt an unstoppable creative force. According to Jessica, "Strawberry Moth is where illustration, fashion, and vintage love meet". Along with her greeting cards, Strawberry Moth also sells prints, coffee mugs, notebooks, jewelry, and dolls, all adorned with her unique and quirky characters! We can't get enough of all that she creates and can't wait to see what she makes next! Be sure to check out the Strawberry Moth online shop and stop by the Paris Market soon for all of Jessica's wonderfully illustrated paper goods!


Sur le Marché

In Provence, every city and village has its own outdoor fresh market. In the morning, farmers, artisans and craftsmen all occupy the center of the town and present their local products. The "marché" is a place where people simply connect, discover new senses, live with the rhythm of the seasons around the cycle of life and then, they will be back tomorrow for something new! When I go back home, walking through the "marché"early in the morning gives me a total work out. Every stand tells me a story, reminds of a memory or offers me many many treasures!
A bientôt,