Postcards from Paris: { The château of Chantilly, part I }

We set our alarms on a Saturday morning, even though it was our only day to sleep in. It had been a while since we last visited a castle, so we were motivated. The weather forecasted rain, but we packed a picnic anyway. The drive over to Chantilly is beautiful and calming, and since the weather was what it was escaping from the city seemed to be the most logical. The same soundtrack that we listened to regularly in the states carried over to our lives back in France, and set the tone for the road. Chantilly is the land of horses. The legend has it that Louis Henri, the Prince of Condé believed that he would be reincarnated as a horse. In 1719, he had the horse stables redesigned by Jean Aubert in order to fit his royal rank. The horse stables are supposedly more impressive than the chateau, but he heard more talk about another Chantilly speciality that we couldn’t wait to get a taste of…..
à jeudi mes amis!


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