Currently Inspired: Shells and the Sea

Living on the coast it's no surprise that the ocean is a major source of inspiration for us. Whenever life begins to feel overwhelming, a trip to the sea always manages to remedy us with its placid disposition. Of course, there are times when traveling to Tybee Island is easier said than done, which is when we search for new ways to keep us inspired at home and in the workplace. Fortunately for us aquatic lovers, our shelves have filled up with all kinds of summery shells and intriguing sea creatures that have just washed ashore. Starfish, sand dollars, sea fans and sea urchins have been transforming the Paris Market into a tranquil source of nautical inspiration. And we simply can't get enough! Stop by soon and discover a world of natural curiosities!


Weekend Inspiration: Boulangerie Essentials

The weekend is almost upon us and we're ready for some much needed R and R. Over the past few months we've been working hard to refine our cafe's menu in an effort to make the best of a Parisian boulangerie available in our cafe. As we've begun carrying a delicious array of pastries and savories from our two favorite local bakeries, Back in the Day Bakery and Baker's Pride, we couldn't help but feel inspired by the tradition of a boulangerie. So, we thought this weekend was as good as any to try out a few recipes in our own home! To help us get started we've set aside a few boulangerie essentials and hopefully (with a little trial and error) we'll have a few successes to write about! If not, then at least we can enjoy the baker's process and a tradition that we can't imagine life without. Have a great weekend and bon appetit!

Baking essentials available at The Paris Market.


This Just In: Striped Scarves for Summer

Summer accessories can be tricky and typically scarves are not that first thing most people seek out in the summer. However, we know from experience that despite the heat, scarves are one of the best accessories to have on hand! Perfect for all those trips to the breezy sea and outings to the local market, these striped scarves make summer feel as cool as you look! Available in a variety of subtle pastel stripes, these soft scarves are this summer's must-have accessory!

Available at The Paris Market.


Candle of the Week: Lafco Patio

There's nothing better than enjoying a casual cookout on the back patio. It's the sort of thing that summers are made of and we like to take advantage of it every opportunity we can! Seeing as we've been spending most of our evenings this way, we couldn't resist naming Lafco's Patio scent as our candle of the week! Perfect for summer evenings out back, Patio is a delightful blend of white geranium and mint leaves. Mellow, fresh, floral and green, Patio acts as a natural bug repellent, so you and your family can enjoy a comfortable evening grilling out back, free from irritating insects. See you at the grill!

Available at The Paris Market and Online Boutique!


Order Up: French Press Coffee

At the Paris Market, coffee is an integral part of our everyday. Whether it's freshly brewed drip coffee or a pulled shot of espresso, waking up to a delicious cup of exquisitely roasted coffee is how we like to start our mornings. And just when we thought they couldn't get any better, we have since learned how wrong we were! Coming very soon, we will be serving French Press coffee in our cafe! Now you can begin your day like a typical Parisian and and enjoy a calm morning with a delicious pot of French Press. Just order a pot at our bar, grab a seat in the cafe, share with a friend and taste the delicious flavors of France! And, in case you need to bring a little bit of France home with you, French Presses will also be available for purchase in store! Cheers!


On the Table: Fromage Feast

This past weekend marked the official start of summer so we decided we would kick it off with a table set for cheese lovers like us! On hot summer days, a refreshing light meal is ideal. Overeating and overheating is a dangerous combination, and we've found a delicious and simple cheese course is easily one of the best options out there. Incorporating a mix of our favorite olive wood and teak tableware with several pieces of vintage china makes this French fromage feast an inviting setting for enjoying a light cheese course, even in the heat of the summer season. Happy summer and bon appetit!  


Weekend Inspiration: Vintage Gold and White China

Friday is here already, and we're excited for a weekend filled with sunshine, relaxation and if we're lucky, maybe a trip or two to the beach. This past week has been keeping us busy with lots of exciting new displays. It's always fun for us to look at our store with fresh eyes, and incorporating new finds with some of our classic products always helps us remember some items we just can't live without. As we've been finishing up our latest low country-inspired display, we've been reminded how our vintage china is easily one of our favorite store staples. Classic, beautiful and simple, vintage white and gold is always a good choice and proof that some things never go out of style. Have a great weekend!


On the Table: Early Summer Gathering

It's hard not to love summer. Everything seems to slow down this time of year, which is a refreshing break from the typical chaos leading up to the summer. It's also the time of year when it's much easier to find time to visit with friends and family. Sitting down for an evening meal outdoors is just about as good as life can get and we plan on doing plenty of it this summer! With our latest tablescape, we've incorporated our favorite summertime linens and cloths for a light summer feast. Vintage gold-rimmed plates, enamelware mugs and colorful French flatware make this table the perfect setting to gather around, catch up with old friends and make new summer memories in the south. Dinner may not be ready just yet, but at least we can set the table for when it is. Bon Appetit!    


This Just In: Handmade Leather Bracelets

Without a doubt, one of the best perks of living in Savannah is the community of local artisans that live and work in the Hostess City. Nothing can compare to an original work of art that is made by hand and if we had a choice, we would choose something handcrafted every single time. As we've been displaying our latest and greatest products over the past week, we've been extremely excited to showcase a few of our favorite hand-tooled leather bracelets. Created right here in Savannah, each of these beautiful leather accessories are a work of wearable art. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and leathers, these beautiful bracelets are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Stop by soon and see the entire collection in store!

Available at The Paris Market.