This Just In: Fresh Ideas from The Pencil Factory

Maybe we're a bit old school, but we still believe carrying around a pocket notebook and a quality pencil is essential. Ideas come and go, and over the years we've learned the best way to keep track of them all is by simply writing them down. Today we're especially excited to jot a few of our thoughts down if only for the sole purpose of trying out our new sets of pencils from the "The Pencil Factory". Available in two different sets, the Nashville includes six separate pencils, one for every task you can think of! The Carpenter set includes four carpenter pencils that are ideal for carrying around in your pockets. Each set is packaged in a beautiful slim box to keep all of your new pencils in mint condition. Next time your pencil is almost out of lead, stop by for a fresh box from the Pencil Factory and keep your ideas flowing and memory sharp!

Available at The Paris Market.

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