Currently Inspired: Shells and Life from the Sea

One of our favorite reasons for living in Savannah is the close proximity to the coast. Whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed from the downtown district, a quick trip to the shore always rejuvenates our spirit. Maybe it's because Summer is now in full swing, but lately we've been really craving some island time. Nothing puts us at ease like sitting down at a dockside restaurant, feeling the gentle breeze of the sea wash over us and digging into a fresh caught meal from the Atlantic Ocean. It's a decadent treat for sure, and when our stomachs are full, a quick stroll down the beach in hopes of finding a few shells caps off the day perfectly. Though it's no substitute for finding them on your own, we've been extra excited displaying our latest collection of treasures from the sea. Filling our shelves with shells of all sizes and shapes, colors and textures, brings a freshness to the store that makes it feel like summer is finally here.  

Shells available at The Paris Market.

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