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The Paris Market is hosting a large sale on a selection of furniture, books, vintage items, oddities, and housewares for a limited time only. Markdowns up to 50%! 
Swing by today and grab up some of these sale goodies before they're gone!

Sale located in the front basement section of The Paris Market.
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Postcards from Paris: {le charme de la routine}

Routine is important in Paris.
Establishing regular appearances in certain places can result in a pain au chocolat from the warm stack, freshly out of the oven at the boulangerie, a good quality cut of meat from the man at the boucherie, a discount on the freshly caught sole from the poissonier, or even having your regular order brought to you without demand at a certain café.
It’s observing these relationships and creating them that dissolve any mundane assumption out of the word ‘routine’. Though it would be much easier to grab everything at one central grocery store, the presence of these characters becomes a comforting element while running errands. My life here is routinely picking out the stereotypes, and confirming them. However the stereotypical details are there; the flour all over the boulanger’s hair and apron, the crisp white outfit the boucher wears and his smiling expression, a contradiction to his profession, the poissonier always humorously wearing striped marine shirts and rubber galoshes, and that one waitor who charmingly brings over your regular order and passing by with quick, slurred one-liners that get lost in translation, but I laugh in hopes that he is trying to be funny.
I may be forever stuck in my American-living-in-Paris mind-set, but I honestly think this is the routine life in France. It was verified when I came across these postcards by Michel Cordi right outside the newsstand I pass regularly, I stacked up. They are postcards from Paris, of Paris. What could be more fitting to fit into one’s routine.




In-House Artist Spotlight: Lily Lewin

We have the privilege to work alongside a community of talented individuals here at The Paris Market. 
Photographer and Local Artist, Lily Lewin, has entranced us with her hauntingly beautiful imagery, which you can see currently gracing the walls of our store. 
We sat down with Lily and asked her what makes her creative clock tick in this Paris Market Artist Q  & A.

Q: What most influences the ideas behind your work?

A: I have always been intrigued by the Victorian curiosity of Naturalism and the mania for cataloguing flora and fauna, but they were a pompous lot and I prefer taxidermy through the morbidly irreverent lens of Edward Gorey. The nineteenth century embraced death and created elaborate rituals of mourning, living with their ghosts for a whole season, pinning bits of plaited hair into lockets, covering mirrors, writing poems. And of course their photographs... I love those solemn daguerrotypes and their stiff poses. I also adore Southern folklore and old Spanish sayings. 

Q: Tell us a little about your process? Favorite materials you use?

A:  I've been experimenting with printing on vellum and then conjuring up fire and water as a final cure. But really it's been about the treasure hunt in our courtyard, finding all sorts of lovely creatures- dragonflies, cicadas, the skeleton of a leaf- and compiling them. Sometimes I'll visit a friend's cabin where there are marvelous trophies from a long ago hunt- a sneering boar's head, pheasants in flight, a snake skin fanned out on the wall. And of course Paris Market has all sorts of goodies! 

Q: What’s the most indispensable item in your studio/creative space?

A: my journal and my magnifying glass. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about the art of photography?

A: My dear I can't draw and so it's instant gratification! 

Q: What international art destination do you most want to visit?

A: Int'l art destination... My charming husband is taking me to Sicily to see the catacombs for my birthday this year. And I love the Prado, I go every year to see their Renaissance portraits, and if I could I would play hide and seek at night in Deyrolle's in Paris among the stuffed zebras and giraffes. 

Q: What’s your favorite place to see art locally?

A: Simoni Trapsioni's art studio. She is such an amazing painter!

Q: Do you have any current projects you are working on? Plans for the future?

A: Learning how to work with encaustic wax.

To see more of Lily's photography, check out her photo blog, Ojobox, and don't forget to stop by and view her pieces on display at The Paris Market.


The Decadent Desk

Office efficiency might be linked to the beauty of its supplies, at least that's our belief.
Our newest collection of desk accessories, notebooks, and stationary have spoken directly to our design loving business minds and are sure to ready your work day in a fashionable way.

Stop by The Paris Market to see our newly stocked office section!
Who says work can't be as good as play.


On the Shelf: Displays for the Heart

It almost time for that heart hugging holiday so many of us hopeless romantics look forward every year. 
Our display gals have been busy readying the store for this love filled season and our entryway is already looking quite festive. 

Love is surely in the air here at The Paris Market.
Stop by and see what else our display gals have dreamed up and don't forget to grab something for your special sweetheart!


Postcards from Paris: {snow day, aller au cinéma!}

We had a terrifically snowy weekend in Paris. This city is already an alluring one, and when there is a white layer of snow over everything it becomes even more elegant. I walked endlessly in it, making my footprints on the silent, untouched surfaces of snow. Surprisingly everyone else was out in it as well. Families and friends were gathered in parks for snowball fights, few attempted to build a bonhomme du niege, and many had cameras in hand to capture to city in its winter disguise.
At the end of my long walk, through several arrondissements, my fingers were frozen and my legs were tired. I was less than 15 minutes from home, but I needed a pause somewhere warm and cozy. In between Les Champs Elysées and chez moi, there is the Mac Mahon Cinema.
It opened in 1938, and was a venue conveniently off of the famous Champs Elysées where the silent films of the time were shown.  After the liberation of Paris, the Mac Mahon Cinema became well known for showing all of the American films missed during the years of WWII, and has continued to highlight American films ever since. There are still old Hollywood movie posters hanging on the walls; Casablanca, epitomizing Bogie as the cool American, then there is the iconic image of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor all in bright yellow raincoats with the title Chantons sous la Pluie above them.
As the streets were only getting busier with snow enthusiasts, I slipped into the theatre. Warm, cozy, and completely empty I had the silver screen to myself. Defrosting in front of a classic American film, was the most comforting pause I could take before venturing out again in the snow.


Him/Her/Home: Old World Charm

Sometimes it seems like the charm of the old world is unlike any other. 
When we think of items from the past, words like glamour, romance, and class, come to mind. Whether you're shopping for the dashing duke in your life, your castle, or getting in touch with the elegant countess we all have within, these classic old world products are just what you need.
Available at The Paris Market.


In the Home: Employee Edition

During the week, you'll find blogger, Jessie, behind the screen of her laptop in the Paris Market office, writing about the latest and greatest products. But on the weekends, you can find her in her Daffin Park-side home with Wicket, a fuzzy faced chow mix pup, and Terry, her fuzzy faced husband. 
Even though they rent, Terry and Jessie wanted to turn this 1940s bungalow into a cozy home by adding their own personal style and love for odd collections. 
Take a look at Jessie's Ivy covered getaway in this employee edition home tour!

 Image above: I have an unhealthy collection of found art. Everything found on my walls is either made by a friend or from goodwill. The wooden deer head is one of my favorite Paris Market purchases.

Q: When decorating your space, do you have any design commandments that you feel you must follow?

A: I like to instill what I call "cultivated chaos". I love everything about modern living but purging items seem to be a weakness of mine (though I'm getting better at it). Being an artist, I am extremely inspired by objects, especially items from the past, so I do my best to display our collections in a cultivated manner. Clean and polished clutter:)

Image above: Our gas fireplace is a perfect accessory for the winter months. It's one of our fuzzy friend's favorite hangouts. The stack of suitcases are all vintage from our various travels, they like to hold my collection of Martha Stewart magazines.

Q: What is your favorite room in your house and why?

A: For selfish reasons it would be my in-house studio, it's my happy place...To gain good wife points though I'd have to say our living room. It's where my husband and I spend most of our nights, playing board games, watching SNL reruns, or snuggling under our favorite blanket.

Image above: Because we rent and can't change our wall colors, I have made it my mission to cover these (sometimes) unwelcome hues with interesting wall hanging and pictures. This vintage metal "d" was one of my favorite finds from Habersham Antique Market. By fate, I found it the week before we got married and it's the first letter of my husbands last name.

Q: If you could name you decorating style what would you call it?

A: French Rustic Retro Charm

Image above: The 1960s lucite Bar Cart is my absolute favorite Paris Market purchase. I have never seen anything like it and we have a lot of friends who wish to covet it for their own. It is home to my grandmothers wine glasses and a collection of french wine we brought back from our honeymoon. The  french print on the wall is one of my luckiest goodwill finds, its an original 1950s classroom poster.

Q: Do you have any current or favorite Home projects?

A:  For a wedding gift, I built a fire-pit in our backyard for my husband. It is one of our favorite places to gather with friends, marshmallows in tow.

Image above: I love to freshen my space by changing out "shelf displays" regularly. Right now I have a collection of winter themed terrariums scattered about. What items I don't use I recycle to another part of the house until it's time to switch things up again.

Q: When was your house built and does it have a back story?

A: It was most likely built in the 1940s, most of the houses around this area were. I wish I knew what the first family was like that moved in here. I feel sorry for the fashion loving ladies back then though, these closets are tiny!

Image above: I love Paris. Not only is it a theme in our home, but the place where we went for our honeymoon and appropriately, that love is shared where I work. This "Le Petit Echo dela Mode" Panel was a garage sale find. The French Plaque on the door is from an antique store on Riverstreet.  

Q: What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?

A: We are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Sand Gnats Stadium. We love to attend games and can even see the Saturday night fireworks outside our living room window.

Image above: Our home is small so every surface is its' own little world. The top of our bedroom dresser is home to my collection of antique jewelry and accessories. The blue Singer sewing machine was my grandmothers. 

Q: What's your favorite item in your home?

A: I try to surround myself with favorites always but I think the blue ribbon winner would have to be a Shirley Temple pitcher that was recently given to me by my Grandmother. She shares my love for quirky items and I always come home from visiting with a new treasure.

Image above: Being the thrifty people we are, my husband and I have yet to buy a proper bed frame. In the meantime I decided to create a headboard with these antique windows found in various alleyways throughout the city. I love how they're mismatched and each have their own beautiful flaws. I made these heart garlands for our wedding and they now have a home hung above our heads every night.

Q: If you could change one thing about your house what would you change?

A: More natural light! Being a photographer, the lack of light in our home is almost mood altering. We are fortunate to live in such a lush neighborhood but I believe the sun-blocking shrubs have worn out their welcome.

Image above: The entryway into our house is the first and last things we see of our home world throughout the day. I like to keep some of my favorite things here. A vintage hat rack found in an estate sale, as well as some favorite hats, my grandfathers binoculars and a stack of postcards from faraway friends.

Q: Describe your perfect homebody dream day.

A. Lazy morning in bed with pancakes and puppy under my arm. Afternoon spent in my studio crafting up something lovely. Evening cooking with my husband and playing video games together (I'll pretend I win).


Amazing Artisans: Pale Blue Atlas Club

Collin Garrity is a widdler, wood worker, and all around amazing artisan. 
His shop, Pale Blue Atlas Club, offers up an array of beautifully carved toys and functional art for the home from reclaimed natural and exotic woods. He chooses to stay away from stains and harsh wood treatments so that his creations celebrate the true beauty of the materials he uses. Collin currently lives outside Asheville NC, where he builds furniture and stringed instruments, studies English and History, climbs trees, and still loves to play with tops.

You can find Collin's beautiful carvings and creations within the walls of The Paris Market, as well as, his online shop
We can't wait to see what's in store for Pale Blue Atlas Club and what they craft up next!
Here's to Handmade Love and the Love of Handmade!


And the Award goes to...

Sometimes a Thank You just isn't enough.
We absolutely love these letterpress rewards for all your honoree friends and family. Hand pressed on luxurious paper and complete with black envelope, perfect for any occasion or holiday.

We have given these our seal of approval!
Give the gift of appreciation with these customizable rewards, now available at The Paris Market!