Black & White

As an artist, I couldn't ask to work in a more inspiring place. The Paris Market, in so many ways, feeds a part of my creative soul many other brick and mortar outlets are hard pressed to find. A true feast for the mind lies within these walls (I may be a bit jaded but to me its the truth). Finding inspiration as a blogger isn't hard here, nor is it hard to walk away with some piece of design influence to use in my own home. 
In 2013, I have resolved to concentrate on the details.
To look at life, art, and self with a set of fresh eyes. 
And to be true to myself, I work in a place that concentrates on just that. Whether its the turn of the century light bulb mounted on a frame and turned into a piece of art, or the fungi covered table setting that brings the true meaning of garden party; the Paris Market has always celebrated the unique, forlorn items of the past and turned them into something to be treasured and adored.

So here's to the New Year, to slowing down, to filling our lives with the love of worlds past, and to realizing that the world is not just Black and White but an array of beautiful shades of Grey.

yours faithfully,
blogger . photographer . kindred spirit

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