Our Customers behind the Lens!

We love our customers.
That's a fact.
From our Americano with a splash of soy regulars to the one time shoppers from up North, we love them all! Seeing the faces of our lovely guests in our store is amazing, but what is even more amazing is what's going on behind the scenes. Since our new appearance on Instagram, we have been (happily) hit hard by the world of voices and vision from our customers and fans. We love to see what inspires them    as they go behind the lens and document their visit to The Paris Market.
Here are some of our favorites!

@margrosem / pretty cityscapes outside #theparismarket

@thehannahzook / I felt like I took a trip to old time France. It was wonderful. #wanderlust #parisinabottle #feelingfrench

@valeflores / Iced Chai and macarons. Perfect afternoon. #favoriteplace

@jeffersonross / Metro. #paris #savannah #visitsavannah

@mariamanuela / The past. #oldphotos #blackandwhite

@kosy / Charming. #theparismarket

Our customers have snapped, clicked, and flashed away, and we are blinded by their beautiful images!
Thank you to all our followers on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter, for their enthusiasm and unique voice. Follow us on Instagram, username: theparismarket, if you don't follow us already, and share your photos, comments, and favorite items with the Paris Market community!
We can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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