Postcards from Paris: {Black Forest Reflections / King for the Year}

Gray and damp describes Germany's Black Forest quite accurately, and though we always hoped for snow to emphasize winter, no one seemed to mind the lack of.
This region of Germany is quite special, mostly because it is where our dear Kelsey calls home, and where her parents still reside in a town called Kandern. The daylight only lasts a few hours, and never changing from the gray morning light. The air always smelled of woodburning stoves, and the scent would bury itself deep within the fibers of our clothing, even after a short walk to pick up pretzels from the bakery.Such a sentimental way to end 2012.

I have since returned to Paris, happily replaying the Black Forest memories in my head until my New Year's resolutions begin the kick in. The boulangeries in Paris are still all filled with Galette des Rois, and as I pass the elementary schools I see several children wearing crowns on their heads.
Oh, to be king for a year!
What a charming way to end the beautiful holiday season, eating almond cake in hopes to be crowned.
I wish you all a wonderful 2013.
Bonne Année!


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Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for the wish for a happy 2013, I am sure it will be a good year for us all, especially for me if I make it back to Savannah for a trip

My family came over from Germany early 1900's