Amazing Artisans: Pale Blue Atlas Club

Collin Garrity is a widdler, wood worker, and all around amazing artisan. 
His shop, Pale Blue Atlas Club, offers up an array of beautifully carved toys and functional art for the home from reclaimed natural and exotic woods. He chooses to stay away from stains and harsh wood treatments so that his creations celebrate the true beauty of the materials he uses. Collin currently lives outside Asheville NC, where he builds furniture and stringed instruments, studies English and History, climbs trees, and still loves to play with tops.

You can find Collin's beautiful carvings and creations within the walls of The Paris Market, as well as, his online shop
We can't wait to see what's in store for Pale Blue Atlas Club and what they craft up next!
Here's to Handmade Love and the Love of Handmade!

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