This Just In: New Favorite Flasks

We're so excited to share with you our new flasks! Covered in a natural wood finish and branded in three great designs, these handy flasks are the perfect vessel for enjoying your favorite beverage. With words like freedom, down the hatch and snake oil adorning your drink, how could you not enjoy yourself? Lightweight and and smooth to the touch, these clever flasks make great gifts for anyone who enjoys carrying one. Next time you're looking for something stylish to carry your favorite spirits in, stop by the store for your soon to be favorite flask!


Currently Inspired: Botanicals of Another Era

One of the best ways to liven up any room is by adding a touch of the natural. Although these botanicals are far from being alive, they are nevertheless just as beautiful. Pressed and displayed in a natural wood frame, these plants look best when showcased together in groups. Dating back to the 1920s, each botanical comes with a card that describes various information about its origin. There's nothing like having a bit of natural history hanging on your wall and these framed botanicals are undoubtedly a beautiful piece of the past. 

Available at The Paris Market.


On the Desk: International Inspiration

Showcasing goods and oddities collected from all over the world, our newest display makes working at a desk a creative and inspiring endeavor. Workspaces undoubtedly have the potential to become a sterile, uninspiring environment, which is why including personal and familiar items into your space is essential. As we always enjoy the international feel, we've filled our shelves and desktop with books from Belgium, clocks from England, old nose molds from carnivals and custom handmade lamps created locally, providing an eclectic atmosphere filled with history and intrigue. Perfect for anyone who enjoys working in a inspiring environment, our new desk display is sure to motivate any individual in their creative endeavors.  


Weekend Inspiration: New Jewelry Baubles

It's safe to say this weekend is going to be filled exclusively with making jewelry. With the plethora of new baubles and gems in the store, it's impossible not to be excited to create something. Tiny planes, bullet casings, script letters, reclaimed chandelier pieces, and so much more are filling our jewelry bar, and we can't wait to put them to use! If you're as inspired as we are by these new baubles but need help assembling them, no worries, stop in today or tomorrow and our in-house jewelry designer, Mariel can help you create your perfect custom jewelry piece! Have a great creative weekend!


Fresh Fragrances for the Summertime

Fresh on the shelf, our newest bath products are an absolute must have this summer! If you're in the market for a new hand cream, soap, bubble bath or perfume, these colorfully packaged bath essentials come in a variety of invigorating fragrances, that are sure to keep you feeling clean and refreshed throughout this season. Loaded with the finest oils available in nature and carefully selected, these oils will sooth and protect, leaving your skin silky smooth and bursting with vitality. 

Available at The Paris Market.


Currently Inspired: Red Cap Cards

Red Cap Cards is one of our absolute favorite card companies in the world. With their lineup of illustrators and artists creating the most beautiful greeting cards out there, it makes picking a favorite nearly impossible, which is why we love them!  Founded in Beverly Hills, California by Hal Mertz and illustrator Carrie Gifford, Red Cap is committed to promoting the work of illustrators, artists and designers from around the world. Beautiful, funny, clever, adorable and so much more, with Red Cap Cards out there, it's hard to imagine why anyone would choose any other greeting card company. 

Stop by The Paris Market for all your Red Cap Cards and greeting card needs! 

And a big thank you to Red Cap for recently featuring us on their blog, which you can read here.


This Just In: The Aromas of The Archivist

It should come as no surprise that we are suckers for a good scent, especially when it comes in the form of a candle. Recently added to our shelves, The Archivist has been winning us over with their subtle aromas. Never overwhelming, these candles come in a variety of scents, including Wood, Herbs, Vintage, Grove, Lavender, and Tomato and Lime. Available in both a standard and travel size, it's hard to find anything wrong with these candles! Stop by soon and smell all the wonderful aromas The Archivist has to offer!

Available at The Paris Market.


New Custom Jewelry from the Desk of Mariel

If you remember a few weeks ago we posted about our new in-house jewelry designer, Mariel. Since joining the team, she has been hard at work creating all kinds of beautiful custom pieces for the store and for customers and we want to show them off! Balancing simple with ornate, these unique bracelets and necklaces are the perfect gift for that someone special. If you're looking for something bold and beautiful or subtle and delicate, we've got you covered! Be sure to stop by Fridays and Saturdays for a chance to work one-on-one with artist and create a beautiful piece of jewelry that is completely unique to you!


Weekend Inspiration: Household Essentials

Just in time for the weekend, we've got some household essentials that are inspiring us to get home and get to work! Our latest line of brushes come in a variety of bristles and handles that make for ideal companions around the house. With our hand forged scissors trimming and cutting away, you'll need these brushes to sweep up and scrub down the mess they leave behind. Have a great creative weekend!


The Best Bags

It's undeniably exciting when you discover a bag that suits your specific needs, especially with all of the luggage restrictions one encounters traveling these days. Finding a bag that's not too big, not too small, lightweight, durable, etc., is a much more difficult task than it seems, which is why we're overly anxious to share our love of our latest collection of bags. Lightweight, durable straps, ideal sizes, these totes and duffels are exactly what we're searching for when preparing our next outing. Whether it's a trip to the grocery store, a weekend adventure, or just something to carry all your goods from point a to point b, these canvas bags will get you and your essentials to your destination with style.

Stop by soon and pick out your next new favorite bag! Can't make it to the store? No problem, you can shop them on our online boutique!


Postcards from Paris: { la tour de france }



These summer days in Paris, I wake up thinking about which park to lay in all afternoon.
With a book in hand and a dejeuner emporter, our days pass effortlessly.
I had a hankering towards Le Jardin du Luxembourg, it’s a favourite amongst children. There are ice cream stands lining all of the entrances, an old charming carrousel where children try and tug on the little metal ring each time they go around, beautiful toy wooden boats that sail across the fountain, and afternoon Guignol performances every day.
An addition to a Paris outing is that there is always a surprise exhibition of sorts. I happened to run into two during my afternoon at the Luxembourg Gardens. The first was a full orchestra concert; middle-aged men in their brass-buttoned uniforms playing their brass instruments. The conductor with his pencil thin conducting stick directed his musicians proudly as a full audience sat shaded under the chestnut trees. The second surprise was a bit more settle, but invigorating visually.
As I was leaving the park, content and satisfied with the small collection of visual and audible souvenirs, I noticed along the park’s gate were photos of Le Tour de France; beautiful images highlighting significant moments since the race began in 1903.
The race will finish along Le Champs Elysées. The French flags are still decorating the avenue from Bastille Day. There are bleachers set-up to watch the finish. Since I am leaving to spend the rest of the summer stateside, the Luxembourg Garden’s exterior exhibition felt like a little participation on my part. I’m rooting for the French!



Currently Inspired: Etched Glassware

There's nothing like enjoying your favorite beverage out of a fancy glass. Even though the drink itself is unchanged, drinking from a glass that makes you feel elegant somehow makes the beverage taste just a little bit better. Lately we've been really loving our etched glassware. Engraved with numerous designs, from simple to more complex, our collection of glasses are perfect for dressing up your favorite cocktail. Dignified, yet unpretentious, these delicately etched glasses are great for dinner parties and refreshing summer beverages. Next time you're in the mood to feel fancy or just want to make your drink look nicer, try dressing it up in one of our beautifully etched glasses!


This Just In: New Wrapping Paper

Fully stocked and ready to be wrapped, our new wrapping papers are as beautiful as they are practical. From perfume bottles to hemispheres, insects to cakes, these printed papers are equally as great as posters as they for wrapping presents. There's nothing like receiving a gift with packaging as beautiful as the present itself and these wrapping papers are almost like giving two gifts at the same time!

Stop by soon for all your gift and gift wrapping needs!


Le Fête Nationale: Happy Bastille Day

In honor of Bastille Day this Sunday, we've highlighted some our favorite products to help celebrate France's National Day. Formally called Le Fête Nationale, Bastille Day celebrates the storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789 marking the beginning of the French Revolution. Although we can't celebrate with lighting fireworks in the store, we can at least wave our French flags this Sunday in commemoration of this great day in 1789. Happy Bastille Day! Don't forget to check out our amazing windows from last year's celebration!

1. French Flags | 2. Rope Tote Bag | 3. White Bowls with Red and Blue Stripe | 4. Stipe and Anchor Tie by Megan Cash | 5. Duffel Bag | 6. White Plates with Red Stripe


The 100 Year Old Savannah Crate

It's no surprise that we love reclaimed wood. The ability to create new life out of something that had once been discarded is as satisfying as it is beautiful. On a recent find, our woodworker, Collin, discovered numerous scraps of oak and cedar that are at the very least 100 years old. Debating what to create out of these beautifully aged cuts of wood, it occurred to us the need for simple crates to house some of our smaller scale products. With all the pieces lined up, the production began, and Collin has been busy since, crafting each crate with care and precision. Soon to be available at The Paris Market, these hand crafted crates of reclaimed oak and cedar are an excellent solution for lightweight storage throughout the household. Limited by resources, our newly fashioned oak and cedar crates remain in small quantities, however, each crate is a piece of Savannah's history, crafted with the hands of someone who appreciates it.


Postcards from Paris: { The Bande Dessinée Band-Wagon }

Every French home that I enter I notice a collection of hard-bound comic books. The owners could be lawyers or architects or painters or other types of business men or women or cool bo-bos in their Isabel Marant and A.P.C attire. Some of them are single, many of them married to spouses who are equally interested in comics, called bande dessinée in French. The resounding stereotype of nerdy comic book readers such as Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons doesn’t ring true to the characteristics of a French comic book reader. That is because every one reads bande dessinée.
I have friends back home who enjoy reading comics. They are comfortable with the category they place themselves in and carry along with them the notion that it’s a little bit dorky. However, as far as I can tell, in France there is no shame. The category of bande dessinée readers and non-bande dessinée readers is similar to the category of smokers and non-smokers in France. The non-smokers don’t really have a negative opinion towards the smokers because most everyone smokes. This seems the same for comic book readers, on a more exaggerated comparison. Ultimately, the nerdy introverted stereotype doesn’t exist.
So recently while I was babysitting, the cool in-the-know architect mother asked me if I had read Albert Camus’ L’étranger. I had in fact, but ‘have you read the bande dessinée version?’
There was no prejudice coming from me on behalf reading a comic as an adult, but I wasn’t completely convinced that it would be something I’d enthusiastically participate in, especially one based on a classic novel. I loved the idea of Tintin, and all of his international adventures. I loved the artistic approach to the entire comic book idea, but reading a comic after reading the novel…. Was is like watching a movie after reading the book, an experience either to be a disappointment or a bland feeling of ‘eh’?
I was hesitant, but the
children were tucked in bed sleeping deeply and the evening promised to be long. This was my moment to hop on the bande-dessinée band wagon, undisturbed and devoted to each little beautifully illustrated rectangle, completely in-tune with the white dialogue bubbles.
My first comic book experience as an adult, as nerdy as it sounds was a perfect delight.