On the Shelf: Displays for the Scientist

  On a recent buying trip, our display gals returned with an assortment of one-of-a-kind treasures and heart-stopping antiques (literally). One of our favorite displays currently houses our collection of bones, mercury glass beakers, and vintage x-ray plates. Whether Biology was a favorite subject of yours, or one you'd like to forget, you might just be persuaded to pick up a textbook and take home one of these science loving items to covet for your very own.

Stop by and see what else our display gals have dreamed up and don't forget to grab something for the mad scientist in your life!
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Postcards from Paris: { a n t w e r p e n, part I }

A Flemish city on a river;
Antwerp captures everything one would think of a Northern European city during winter, but with elements of warmth found in the people and the red tiled rooftops.
We took the first bus out of Paris early Saturday morning, and anxious for a new setting we didn’t fall asleep even though our eyes were sleep-deprived and the bus ride was smooth with many empty seats to spread out across.

 Upon arriving we located a map at the beautiful Centraal Station, and explored the city. Even being wrapped in well- loved, hand-me-down fur coats we couldn’t avoid our fingers being frozen to the bone. We took shelter from the cold winter winds in the Museum Aan de Stroom. We looked at the art, and listened to the new language surrounding us. Flemish-Dutch is curious sounding, but had some defining moments; like wearing a perfume during a memorable season, or listening to a song on repeat that characterizes an exact moment.
The weekend passed as it normally does, too quickly.
But seeing a new setting and walking along foreign streets with street signs in a different font is invigorating, and allows a want of returning ‘home’ to surface, which can often be clouded by winter and routine, but turns out to be a small comfort reminding us that we are exactly where we want to be.


Currently Inspired: Tintypes

Inspiration can always be found within our walls. Whether it's a table setting, a product, or a display, ideas can be found around every corner, within every crevice, and behind every showcase at The Paris Market! This week we are creatively coveting our new collection of old tintype portraits. The unique and unforgettable faces on each piece of tin hold a story of their own, and we can't get enough of their diverse personalities.  

Click here to see the history of this unique photo process and be sure to see our collection of vintage photography currently available in the downstairs section of The Paris Market! 
Who knows, you might find a long lost relative just waiting to be discovered.


Artist Spotlight: Simoni Trapsioni

The Savannah creative community is thriving and one local artist's work shines bright through these rainy February days. Originally born in Greece and currently a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Simoni Trapsioni weaves a colorful web of illusion and satire with her paintings. Here, at The Paris Market, you can see a selection of Trapsioni's work on display. Here captivating collection of paintings have been in exhibitions all over the world and continue to gain merit with collectors and the artist community.

Statement of the Artist

Through my self-portraits, I record my life's journey in my images. In this process of self-discovery, I attempt to find new and effective ways of representing my mind's conjures, my experiences of the past, my perception of the present, my thoughts, my dreams of the future, the perplexities, the influences and mystery of the unknown in my life. Through my use of symbolism, material, color and composition, I try to convey these elements with total disregard of any temporal continuity. 

As a participant and an observer in our contemporary world, I continually receive stimuli, which my sub-conscious processes into encoded and cryptic images. It is these images that are finally deposited by my conscious mind onto my painting surface. I frequently paint the female figure, mostly myself, because I happened to be born as a woman and I experience the world though my female body. I sometimes use bees wax because it parallels my human existence. Like my own life, it is so volatile. It embodies many states: solid and permanent when cold, liquid and fluent when hot, light and smoke when burned. Sometimes, I place paintings in paintings as inserts, in an attempt to capture the idea that the two images or ideas are at the same time separate and related. Painting provides me with the external means for an internal search.
I do not like to provide the viewers with any direction. My paintings attempt to make subtle statements, which I hope will raise questions in the mind of my viewers, not provide any answers. I expect my paintings to awaken within my viewers, messages which are interpreted based on their personal experiences.

Visit here to see more of Trapsioni's work and be sure to stop by The Paris Market to see her enchanting paintings for yourself! 


New Products Online!

It's no secret that we love vintage. 
Our newest Online Shop update celebrates all we love in the unique and the antique. Choose from a variety of Silver Dining Accents and Beautiful Vintage Items for your home!

Click here to see what else is new in the Shop! Stay tuned for more Online Shop Updates and New Vintage Arrivals, here, at The Paris Market!


Postcards from Paris: {Tombées du Camion}

With friends back home busily moving either cross country, to another state, a different city in the same state, or simply a bigger apartment a few blocks away they are ‘moving their trinkets’ as one friend put it. Each time I’ve changed apartments here, it was never really the bulky pieces that were overwhelming, rather my collection of trinkets;  but they are each so special, and could never be abandoned. Each of them have a story and a particular setting all their own.
Yesterday while the spring façade of the sun was out, I walked through Montmartre during my lunch break. The trinkiest of trinket shops in Paris has to be the little shop on the end of rue Joseph de Maistre called, Tombées du Camion. I may have mentioned this little shop before, if not I had intended to. Tombées du camion: falling from a truck, has knick-knacks, doo-diddies, thingys, whatchamacallits, and trinkets with no real use but plenty of personality. Doll heads, marble dice, toy harmonicas, miniature water guns, old pharmacy pill boxes, and the list of randoms continue. 

Charming objects that are easily regarded as clutter, but are combined with each other to create whimsical mosaics and displays on the walls. I couldn’t help myself, and I bought a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to define the day. I returned to work to show and tell, and was questioned as to what I could possibly do with ‘un truc comme ça’, but I had a story for it and once I returned home I gave it a setting all it’s own.

Check out their website for more examples of their curious displays:
"Lots old and forgotten, many jewels, beads and fashion accessories, exclusive stocks of abandoned factories, industrial series, abundant funds haberdashery, toys manufactured in the last century, laboratory equipment, small objects of worship in abundance, stocks manufacturers and wholesalers, signs of old memories, treasures handcrafted quantity accumulations of all kinds, gadgets historical and traditional archeology of childhood ..."



Cards for the Foodie in us all.

Family Recipes are like Jewels. 
When receiving a well loved recipe you are receiving the gift of taste, good times, and memories around the dinner table. Our newest card line packs a pretty tasty punch with an assortment of coveted recipes created by Washington based, Ciao Thyme. Ciao Thyme's team works with clients to write seasonal menus that highlight local flavors. They partner with local farmers and food artisans to procure the best ingredients and still are seen in the kitchen-cooking for their event business. They have included some of their favorite recipes in this collaborative card line like Cream of Carrot and Orange Soup, Beet Greens, and Rosemary Lemonade.

Each letterpress card is handprinted by Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress on recycled paper. Choose from over seven hearty recipes. Send a message, and a keepsake, you're loved ones can add to their recipe box.

See what else is stocked on our card shelves for spring!
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Bookmarked - Bring The Outdoors In

The overall process of bringing the natural world into your home isn't difficult, at its core it's about choosing the right botanical element to fit with the style of your space, the right location for your plants to flourish, and a great book to help turn your brown thumb green.

If you're a plant lover, either seasoned or green, Bring the Outdoors In is the perfect read for the upcoming spring season. 
In this stunning guide, acclaimed designer and stylist Shane Powers provides 22 simple yet arresting projects to bring natural tranquility to any. From colorful dried floral garlands and eye-catching willow wreaths to intriguing water gardens and timeless succulent landscapes, the projects use a range of live and dried plant materials so you can achieve a great look even if your aren't a green thumb! 

With step-by-step instructions, styling and container ideas, helpful resources, and gorgeous photography, Bring the Outdoors In will inspire you to enhance your interiors with the beauty of the natural world.
To see what else is on our Book Love List, click here! And be sure to uncover those gardening gloves and head on over to The Paris Market to pick up your own copy of Bring the Outdoors In.


Him/Her/Home: For the Birds

For Him - Framed Feather Under Glass // For Her - Love Bird Necklace by Megan Cash  // For Home - John Derian Bird Plate

Ah the sounds of spring.
As we see the flocks of our feathered friends return from their warm winter home, we begin to welcome them into our wardrobe and home. Here are a few of our current bird themed products for the stylish birdwatchers out there! Available at The Paris Market!


Heart Happy Products!

It's February 14th!
And before you are sent to the doghouse, swing by The Paris Market for a gift that will score big points with your sweetheart this Valentines Day!
Choose from a variety of beautifully wrapped Chocolates, Cards, Perfumes, Soaps, and Fresh Flowers!

Happy Valentines Day from the Paris Market Team!