Postcards from Paris: { a n t w e r p e n, part I }

A Flemish city on a river;
Antwerp captures everything one would think of a Northern European city during winter, but with elements of warmth found in the people and the red tiled rooftops.
We took the first bus out of Paris early Saturday morning, and anxious for a new setting we didn’t fall asleep even though our eyes were sleep-deprived and the bus ride was smooth with many empty seats to spread out across.

 Upon arriving we located a map at the beautiful Centraal Station, and explored the city. Even being wrapped in well- loved, hand-me-down fur coats we couldn’t avoid our fingers being frozen to the bone. We took shelter from the cold winter winds in the Museum Aan de Stroom. We looked at the art, and listened to the new language surrounding us. Flemish-Dutch is curious sounding, but had some defining moments; like wearing a perfume during a memorable season, or listening to a song on repeat that characterizes an exact moment.
The weekend passed as it normally does, too quickly.
But seeing a new setting and walking along foreign streets with street signs in a different font is invigorating, and allows a want of returning ‘home’ to surface, which can often be clouded by winter and routine, but turns out to be a small comfort reminding us that we are exactly where we want to be.

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Anonymous said...

Stay warm...j' adore les petites culottes! Bisous Isa.