Les Saveurs du Mois.

With the warmer weather and the start of spring, our palettes seem to change. The once unbearable craving for sweet chocolatey concoctions seems to evaporate with the cold climate and our taste buds seek out a lighter fare. 
Our Patisserie has an array of warm weather drink selections. From our Aromatic Seltzers to our Famous French Garden Iced Tea, we have everything to wet your whistle and curb your springtime drink cravings!
Here are some of our favorite floral themed drinks for February! 

A Seltzer with a splash of Rose really hits the spot!

Try our French Garden Iced Tea with Lavender Syrup!

An Elderflower Cream Seltzer is a great partner to one of our fresh Macarons! 

Our popular Water Du Jour! Try combinations like Orange and Basil or this Strawberry and Mint. 

Celebrate the warmer weather with an afternoon of shopping at the Paris Market and a relaxing refreshment at our Patisserie!

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