Artist Spotlight: Simoni Trapsioni

The Savannah creative community is thriving and one local artist's work shines bright through these rainy February days. Originally born in Greece and currently a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Simoni Trapsioni weaves a colorful web of illusion and satire with her paintings. Here, at The Paris Market, you can see a selection of Trapsioni's work on display. Here captivating collection of paintings have been in exhibitions all over the world and continue to gain merit with collectors and the artist community.

Statement of the Artist

Through my self-portraits, I record my life's journey in my images. In this process of self-discovery, I attempt to find new and effective ways of representing my mind's conjures, my experiences of the past, my perception of the present, my thoughts, my dreams of the future, the perplexities, the influences and mystery of the unknown in my life. Through my use of symbolism, material, color and composition, I try to convey these elements with total disregard of any temporal continuity. 

As a participant and an observer in our contemporary world, I continually receive stimuli, which my sub-conscious processes into encoded and cryptic images. It is these images that are finally deposited by my conscious mind onto my painting surface. I frequently paint the female figure, mostly myself, because I happened to be born as a woman and I experience the world though my female body. I sometimes use bees wax because it parallels my human existence. Like my own life, it is so volatile. It embodies many states: solid and permanent when cold, liquid and fluent when hot, light and smoke when burned. Sometimes, I place paintings in paintings as inserts, in an attempt to capture the idea that the two images or ideas are at the same time separate and related. Painting provides me with the external means for an internal search.
I do not like to provide the viewers with any direction. My paintings attempt to make subtle statements, which I hope will raise questions in the mind of my viewers, not provide any answers. I expect my paintings to awaken within my viewers, messages which are interpreted based on their personal experiences.

Visit here to see more of Trapsioni's work and be sure to stop by The Paris Market to see her enchanting paintings for yourself! 

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