Pick of the Week: Proraso Shaving Products

This week on the blog, we thought we'd give a little shout-out to all the gentlemen out there with our pick of the week: Proraso Shaving Products. Proraso came to be in Italy in 1948, when Piero Martelli invented the Proraso Pre-Shave Cream. "Over the years, Proraso has changed in shape, but the content of its products has stayed the same, always remaining faithful to the brand’s original values: the use of natural ingredients, excellence in research, & respect for tradition." There's nothing we love more than well-made & beautifully packaged products that are steeped in history & tradition, so of course Proraso is right up our alley. Guys, you definitely want to come by the store soon to check out Proraso's great line-up (featuring everything from pre-shaving cream & after-shave to beard oil & moustache wax), but in the meantime, keep scrolling to check out their 10 tips for the perfect shave!

  1. Morning is the best time to shave. In the early morning hours, the face is more relaxed & the razor glides smoother without irritating the skin.
  2. Always use pre-shaving cream. It softens the hair of the beard, facilitating the application of shaving soap
  3. Drape a wet, warm towel on your face for one minute. Just as they do at a traditional barbershop, or shave after your morning shower when the skin is moist & soft from the water.
  4. The best shave is obtained using the Proraso Brush & Shaving Soap. To obtain a good, delicate foam, wet the shaving brush & apply it to the soap in circular movements, until you build up a rich lather. Use of the shaving soap increases the volume of the hair on the beard & allows for a smoother, closer shave.
  5. While shaving, try to use the razor in a soft, yet decisive manner. Do not apply too much pressure on the razor & follow the lines of the face, always keeping the skin stretched.
  6. Always keep your razor clean. Rinse the razor well with warm water after at least two shaves. Leftover residue from previous shaves can reduce efficiency & increase the risk of damaging the skin.
  7. To obtain a smooth & perfect shave, always remember that one shave is not enough. Remember to lather the face a second time & repeat shaving.
  8. Do not neglect the post-shave phase. Rinse the face well, washing off all residue from the cream, soap, or foam. 
  9. Apply after-shave & balm. Even if shaving has been completed correctly, it is always stressful on the face.
  10. Take care of your skin. If you do not shave daily or you have a problem with in-grown hair, make sure you use a face cream every day.


A Paris Market Baby Shower!

The Paris Market family is about to get a little bit bigger & we had a blast this weekend celebrating the up & coming arrival of Christina's bundle of joy. With food, flowers, & just the right amount of flair, we threw a baby bash in true Paris Market fashion. Games were played, presents were opened, brunch-themed hors d'oeuvres were consumed, & tears may or may not have been shed, but mostly we just enjoyed the time we got to spend together to celebrate such a special occasion. To Christina & John, we all couldn't be happier for you & we wish you all the love & joy in the world during this most amazing season of life. We can't wait to meet the newest member of the Paris Market family!!  


Throwback Thursday: Calling Cards

"To the unrefined or underbred, the visiting card is but a trifling & insignificant bit of paper; but to the cultured disciple of social law, it conveys a subtle & unmistakable intelligence. Its texture, style of engraving, & even the hour of leaving it combine to place the stranger, whose name it bears, in a pleasant or a disagreeable attitude, even before his manners, conversation & face have been able to explain his social position." -John H. Young, 1879

We've got some great new modern-day calling cards in the store right now & after doing a little research on the history of this social tradition, we just had to share what we found out. Calling cards were mostly popular during the Georgian, Regency, & Victorian eras, & they were used when a gentleman or lady wished to call upon friends or acquaintances, or to announce their presence in town. They were generally quite simple, in a lady's case, bearing only her name, & in a gentleman's case, only his name & address. Men's cards were typically slightly slimmer than women's as they had to carry the cards around in their breast pocket. The blank space on the cards was often used for written notes or to invite the recipient to a social event. Cards were also often initialed or had a specific corner folded down to signify something.

The turning down of the card’s corners:

  • A visit in person (as opposed to being sent by a servant): the right hand upper corner
  • A congratulatory visit: the left hand upper corner
  • A condolence visit: the left hand lower corner
  • Taking leave (if you were going on a long trip): right hand lower corner
  • If there were two of more ladies in the household, the gentleman turned down a corner of the card to indicate that the call was designed for the whole family.

Initialing a calling card:
(The initials stood for French words)

  • p. f. – congratulations (pour féliciter)
  • p. r. – expressing one’s thanks (pour remercier)
  • p. c. – mourning expression (pour condoléance)
  • p. f. N. A. – Happy New Year (pour feliciter Nouvel An)
  • p. p. c. – meaning to take leave (pour prendre congé)
  • p. p. – if you want to be introduced to anybody, send your visiting card (pour présenter)

We are just absolutely taken by the idea of this social tradition from the past & we would love to see it catch on again! So come on by the store & peruse our collection of calling cards so you too can become a proper lady or gentleman of society! ;)


Pick of the Week: Midori

We might just be a little bit obsessed with our newest line of paper goods & accessories. Made in Japan, Midori offers beautifully simplistic products that have impeccably designed packaging to boot, so it was pretty much love at first sight. One of our favorite things about Midori is their system for labeling their notebooks. We currently carry three of their styles: the Polar Bear, featuring "pure white MD paper, just like a polar bear treading down a snow field," the Kangaroo, featuring "pockets on the inside sheets! Hop around with pockets, just like a roo does!," & the Camel, featuring "kraft paper in the color of a camel cruising in the desert." All three styles come in various sizes & orientations to fit your individual needs. We also can't get enough of their beautiful accessories, especially their brass pocket ballpoint pens & pencils, & their adorable d-clips in the shape of cats & dogs. We could probably go on all day but we'll leave it up to you to come by the store & check out this amazing line for yourself! See you soon!!  


Thanks for Visiting The Paris Market Pâtisserie!!

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It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day has already come & gone, but before we say goodbye to the holiday of love for good, we want to share a few of our favorite photos from our pâtisserie photo booth. Thanks to everyone who participated & shared their lovely photos via #pmpatisserie!! And although the photo booth has now come down, you can now find our handmade sweets for sale throughout the store. So come on by & pick up a delicious memento to always remind you of The Paris Market Pâtisserie! 

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Get to Know: Erica Wilson of FOUND Jewelry

For all of our local Savannah shoppers, you're no stranger to seeing our jewelry case filled with Erica Wilson's amazing creations. FOUND jewelry has been a Paris Market staple for a while now, so we figured it was about time to pay Erica a little visit in her studio & find out a little bit more about how she got into jewelry designing. Keep scrolling to see what she had to say & also check out the images we captured of her space (we were in love with all of the beautiful natural light)! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am married and have three children, ages 16, 14, 10.  We have lived in Savannah for 17 years.  

How did you get your start as a jewelry designer?
My good friend, Paula Danyluk, thought I would like jewelry making, so one year she bought me a “starter kit” filled with beads, tools and treasures.  I was hooked immediately!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your process? How do you find all the of different, unique pieces that go into each completed piece?
I am a scavenger. I am constantly looking for unique “found” objects to incorporate into my jewelry. I love bones, horns, antler tips, pretty much anything that fuses nature with wearable art. I have even gotten my family hooked. We take boat trips out to the barrier islands and search for treasures quite often.  

What is your favorite part about creating jewelry?
I get very inspired when I find new objects, whether it be something vintage or something from nature. My favorite part is probably the design aspect. 

Erica's pieces are available in-store & online!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just days away, which means if you haven't already found the perfect gift to show your Valentine just how much they mean to you, now is the time! No need to panic though, because our gift guide features a plethora of Valentine's Day treasures that are sure to make your special someone feel extra special. From delicious candy & chocolates to fragrant soaps & perfumes to heart-shaped jewelry & more, you're sure to find the perfect gift to surprise your sweetie. So come on by the store to find just the right way to say "I love you" & then have a happy, love-filled Valentine's Day!


Dozens of Ways to Say "I Love You!"

Valentine's Day is a week from tomorrow & it feels like we're starting to see evidence of Cupid's handiwork in every direction we turn. From fresh red roses & heart-shaped chocolates filling the aisles of every supermarket to special couples menus that it seems every restaurant is now touting, you can tell that everyone is gearing up for the most romantic day of the year. And while we're not ones to say no to yummy chocolates or beautiful roses, there's nothing we love more than receiving a thoughtful, handwritten note on Valentine's Day (or any other day for that matter). There's just something about taking the time to express your feelings with pen & paper that says more than any store-bought gift ever could. So if you're still looking for the perfect way to say "I love you" on this Valentine's Day, come on by the store soon & peruse our amazing collection of cards!


Pick of the Week: Baby Bears

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we couldn't help but fall in love with our newest cuddly friends, Baby Bears. Mama Bear, Ellen George, was inspired by the birth of her own baby bear & a desire to create her son unique, handmade pieces. And thankfully, she decided to share her adorable design with the rest of us! Baby Bear was originally conceived as your typical cuddly teddy bear (we had a few in stock back in December, if you remember), but as demand for her bears has increased, Ellen needed to come up with a more concise & timely manner in which to make them. Thus the new screen-printed Baby Bears came to be! 

We recently had a little chat with Ellen about the process of making her Baby Bears & she shared some insight into the process: "I loved sewing [the original version of the] bears, but there were over twenty pieces to the pattern, & they would take me at least four hours to make from start to finish. While considering some new ideas, I remembered a screen-printing kit my husband had given me as a gift five years ago, which I had never used (& which he always reminded me about). So, I took the three-dimensional version of the teddy bear, & painted it into a two-dimensional image. From there, I created my first silk screen. Even though I was creating something simpler, I still wanted it to have the dimension & personality that comes with a hand-made product. The applique heart added the dimension I was looking for. I love the contrast between the flat image of the bear and the fuzzy applique heart."

Bottom line, we absolutely adore these Baby Bears & think they would make the perfect, one-a-of-kind gift for Valentine's Day! They are made with 100% cotton, hand printed with non-toxic water-based ink, & stuffed with premium non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. They also come in 9 different backing patterns for you to choose from! You definitely want to be sure to stop by the store soon to check out these cuddly friends before they're all gone!! 


Behind the Glass: Valentine's Day

The store is now completely decked out for Valentine's Day & our delicious pâtisserie theme carries right over to our amazing window displays. And we've just gotta say, that between the myriad of floral patterns & the pastries that look yummy enough to eat, we're particularly fond of these somewhat eccentric windows. We only wish that we could actually pull up a chair & dig in to those delicious looking cakes or curl up for a nap in the bed that's completely decked out in florals. But I suppose for now we'll just have to use our imagination! Be sure to stop by the store soon to see these delightful windows & maybe even bring your sweetie along with you! ;)