Writing with Style: Our favorite notebooks

Carrying around a pocket-sized notebook is a wonderful habit to develop. The art of journaling is a very therapeutic form of communication. Whether you want to jot down a quick idea or recount your day’s events, writing is essential for organizing thoughts and emotions. It’s also a great way to remember details that would otherwise disappear into the vast recesses of your brain. 

Recently acquiring new notebooks to our collection has inspired us to spend some extra time journaling. Fitting perfectly in any bag, our notebooks are ideal for any of your writing needs. With the wide range of eye-catching covers available, taking a minute out of our busy day to write has never looked so good!

Available at The Paris Market!


Vintage Luggage: A traveler's memento

We've all been feeling the travel bug lately. Summer is approaching, and planning a vacation is in the works for all of us. It seems appropriate to start shopping for some stylish luggage, which we have plenty of! Vintage suitcases always seem to have more character than modern options. Browsing through our collection we couldn't help but feel nostalgic for the days when airlines would place interesting stickers on luggage either as a security measure or simply as a decorative travel memento.

Bold colors and strong graphic design prevail in these vintage travel stickers, making every suitcase a unique keepsake. With time a personal travel history develops and your luggage becomes a symbol of your adventures across the world.

As years progress and your journeys continue, new stickers cover previous ones, creating a beautiful collage of weathered travel markers.

Continuing our own travel plans, it's exciting to consider new locations to explore, especially ones found on our very own vintage suitcases. Here are a few more of our favorites:



Although usually not my taste, Kelly Wearstler’s eclectic style can definitely become acquired.  Her maximalist midcentury design is sophisticated whimsy with a whole lot of swank.  Every view predetermined, the “money shot” is ubiquitous.  “See, I told you playboy bunnies are talented”, remarked my husband.  I subconsciously drowned him in our pool.  The true vision, however, is the undulating turquoise green nirvana directly outside my window. 


the room


Ahhh… Anguilla

The past two of our 3-½ year old’s life has been spent on the quest for the perfect family vacation.  The first year was easy, Europe, Asia, South American, wherever – a nap was always on the horizon.  As soon as our young explorer could walk, however, she was on the move.  Now she firmly believes that not running at all times could cause her serious bodily harm.  I believe a child’s age is perfectly related to the maximum time one can harness that energy in the controlled environment of any particular mode of transportation.  Planes, trains or automobiles, if she can’t get out of her environs, even the whirling dervishes are impressed.

If you have the means, the pedigree, or just that weird but wealthy great uncle from Gdansk, certain hotel chains can warm your world.  In the Americas and Europe - Four Seasons or Auberge; South Asia – Aman; China and East Asia – Mandarin Oriental or Peninsula; India and North Africa– Oberoi or Taj.  Although grand, these chains usually locally flavor the experience plus offer safety and security in an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world.

My ever-intrepid husband has discovered a new favorite “chain”.  And, in an effort to integrate business with pleasure, take that Mr. Taxman, we are currently at the Viceroy in Anguilla.  In effect, the present perfect vacation -3 ½ hours travel, pristine beach location, family friendly, with Kelly Wearstler’s authentic high design.  I love my job.  Can’t wait for Sugar Beach.


A Few of our Favorite Things: Aeriel

Earning a degree in interior design, Aeriel recently graduated from SCAD. With the knowledge gained from her education, she has brought her talent and positive attitude to the team. A native of Savannah, Aeriel grew up shopping at The Paris Market, which makes her working at the store all the more special. On an average day you can find her splitting her time between working at the store and updating Copperseal, her lovely Etsy shop that hosts a variety of vintage and handmade goods. Aeriel brings a smile to work every day, and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a member of the Paris Market family! Here are a few of her favorites:

1. Hanging Terrarium | 2. Vintage Necklace Armature | 3. Tocca Cleopatra Perfume | 
4. Porcelain Bird Vase | 5. Soiree Entertaining with Style Book


Bottoms Up: A beer tasting

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.
- Humphrey Bogart

Sometimes ordering the usual at your local watering hole can become a bit stale. If you’re feeling adventurous and looking to try something new, requesting a flight of beer may be the best way to excite your taste buds and to wake your palate up!

Traditionally, flights of beer are served on a sleek, wooden paddle with an array of frothy beers to sample. The best way to achieve an honest taste of each variety is to work your way down the line starting from the lightest beer and ending at the darkest. If you start at the other end or pick randomly from the line up, you will risk over saturating your palate, losing the nuances of each sample. Many pubs and taprooms provide the option for you to customize your flight, allowing you to choose any beer they have on tap.  

Now that we can bring the long-standing tradition into our home with our new beer flight set, we have chosen to fill our glasses with our favorite cold beers from all over the world.