Take a Sip: The New Flavors of Bellocq Tea

Though the cold weather has come and gone, the desire for a perfectly balanced cup of tea has not. Back in October we introduced a new line of gourmet teas by Bellocq Tea Atelier and they quickly captured the hearts and taste buds of our customers, employees and fellow tea fanatics. For the spring season we have stocked our shelves yet again with Bellocq and are proud to provide an assortment of new flavors to both new and old Bellocq fans!

Choose from a variety of new flavors by Bellocq Tea Atelier.
Here is what's inside some of our favorite blends.

Siam Basil Lemongrass
An exotic caffeine-free blend of bright organic lemongrass and feverish ginger with notes of fresh basil, delicate orange blossom and red mandarine.

Gypsy Caravan
A beguiling blend of organic Indian and Chinese black teas, rambling rose and tongue tingling chile give way to soulful smokey notes reminiscent of a distant campfire. Full-bodied and smooth with delicate floral notes and a wistful, smokey finish. Gypsy Caravan is well-suited to holiday afternoons in a comfortable chair in front of the fire.

Beguiling hand-crafted blend of organic Japanese sencha and the essence of Bulgarian rose strewn with rose petals. Named in honor of the first geisha,  Kikuya retains an air of elegance and mystery.  The emerald leaves of Sencha, delicate with prominent oceanic and grassy notes, balance beautifully with the voluptuous scent of rose.   The resulting pale jade liquor is at once fragrant and refreshing with a long blissful finish.

A tea created for and inspired by the magnificent gardens at Charleston, the country residence of Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Our tea pays tribute to the cultivated yet bohemian spirit of the times in a blend of Ceylon black tea subtly enveloped in a cloud of linden with notes of poppy, chamomile and lavender. We wish you a "dithering blaze of flowers and butterflies and apples…". 

Le Hammau
Beautiful organic herbal blend evocative of a summer meadow. Think: 'Manon of the Spring', meets Marie Antoinette after a stroll through l'orangerie. Organic lemongrass and verbena mingle playfully with lavender, rose petals, mint and sage. Refreshing and light-hearted, Le Hammeau may inspire you to adorn your livestock with blushing pink ribbons too. Caffeine-free, this tisane may be enjoyed all day. Delicious iced as well as hot, serve garnished with thin slices of orange and a sprig of just plucked mint, sage or lavender. 

Next time you reach for a cup to quench more than just thirst, try some of Bellocq's tasty new blends.
Available now for sale at The Paris Market!

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