Currently Inspired: Vintage Lightbulbs

With the cold weather now long gone the warmer seasons tend to offer many gifts for those fortunate enough to reside in the south. Lately, the sunlight has been really inspiring all of us at The Paris Market, which led us to consider what is inspiring us within our store. While lightbulbs are no substitute for the sun, recently we've been warmed by the idea of mixing these quirky industrial bulbs into our displays. Vintage lightbulbs mounted on our hand forged metal bases make up the bulk of our collection, these look especially striking when grouped in clusters of varying sizes and heights. We also carry modern adaptions that are highlighted through beautiful glass pendant lights. Although the shape of all these bulbs vary in size the overall design is derived from the original Edison lightbulb that Thomas Edison patented in 1879.

"We are striking it big in the electric light, better than my vivid imagination first conceived. Where this thing is going to stop Lord only knows." - Thomas Edison

When illuminated, an old world light emits from the bulb that casts a golden hue on anything it shines upon. Take a moment out of your busy day to stop by the store and see if you are as inspired by our vintage lightbulbs as we are. Only at The Paris Market!

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