Happy Rooms, Happy Moods

from top to bottom: Wright Peeler Charcoal Sofa (undertones of plum), White, 34" x 24", oil on linen by the fabulous Amy Lind, Horrible love seat found at the vomitorium.


Windows are UP!

Decked out with the work of Amy Lind. Amy will be here this Friday for the Hop~n~Shop all along Broughton from 6-9pm. Stop by and be amazed by how captivating her work is!


Pollinating Paradise

Paradise requires Pollination.
All the crazy and all the beautiful requires the flying of bees, the flitting of butterflies and at least some degree of flirting of everything else. Where better to celebrate the explosion of life than Savannah, where especially now, it's raining every afternoon and the humidity is surrounding us all in a thick mysterious musk.

1. Garden in a Bag - Mini Tomato 2. Eden Perfume 3. Rosette Kitchen Papers 4. Butterfly Pillow Cover 5. Crystal Dome Bee Paperweight 6. Faux Ranunculus - perfect if you have a cat that likes to eat houseplants. 7. Peacock Feather (store only)


Be our Guest

We're starting to get our plans together for the summer. Kelsey is heading to New York, Isa to France, Christina to her lake house, India to the outer banks and others are staying close to home with their new baby. (me!) Wherever our adventures take us, at some point most of us will be a house guest. And of course we all want to bring our host something nice. But its even nicer if you give a gift that has some kind of regional specificity - whether that's geographical or just something you don't find in other stores not in your town - like The Paris Market!! Anyways, here's a few of our picks:

1. Savannah Candle from Low Country Luxe - A perfect gift from the "Savannah" area. Cannot go wrong with this! You will find all the scents in store and on our website. 2. Big Brother / Big Sister Mouse - something for the little kids in the house. Also cannot go wrong with this. 3. Butterfly Pillow Cover - Bright, cheery, very summery. 4. Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook - Another great gift from a one-of-a-kind Savannah staple 5. White Ramekin Dome - this is just one of those cute little things. 6. Paris Market Signature Candle in Montmartre - inspired by Paula's trips to Paris, 100% soy and totally portable. good smelling too! 7. The "At the Beach" Perfume . from the CB I hate perfume line. Practically packs your beach bag for you. And all hostesses like a little glamour gift now and then. 8. New Jute Beach Bags - for the hostess who has it all and just needs somewhere to put it. 


Scent is Life: Our new CB I hate perfume!

As most of you know, we love our classics, like Tocca and Fresh, but we've also developed a growing infatuation with these otherworldly scents from
 CB I hate perfume.

The CB stands for Christopher Brosius. The I hate perfume I'll get to in a second. CB is a self-described life long creative type who likes to make things and is enthusiastic for the organic, the imaginative, and the constructive. He had forays into architecture and fashion, but as it turned out, was best suited for a scentual life. It was when Mr. Brosius drove a cab for a brief period that he discovered that he hated perfume:
"Women would get into my car in the evening wearing some horrible scent that made me sick. 12 hours later in the cold freezing dawn, my eyes would still be watering & my stomach churning!" 
Early on, CB had an interest in the earthier more experiential side of life, which we can now see in his perfumes: 
"I grew up in a tiny town in the country – many of my favorite scents are based on memories of my childhood there: dirt & dandelions, vegetable gardens, walks in the fall woods, snow (which meant school was cancelled), wet rocks from the river and cookies made by my mother and favorite aunt." 
As CB says, "Scent is Life."  So next time your in, be sure to sample these unique and interesting scents that will recall the very essence of your life experiences. They are lightening, brightening, and without a doubt evocative.
 For your olfactory pleasure we bring you: 
* Burning Leaves *
* Russia Caravan Tea *
* Mr. Hurlot's Holiday *
* At the Beach *
* Revelation *

Ahh, this is my fave, At the Beach makes me want to head out to Tybee right now. Although Russian Tea Caravan and Revelation are close seconds.


First Friday in June: The Art of Amy Lind

We are so excited to be bringing you the work of Amy Lind for June's First Friday on Broughton - next week! She has some really stellar work and we are all a little jealous of her talent. Her paintings and drawings can be seen at The Paris Market On June 1st! So as your bopping down Broughton Street for some evening shopping, be sure to hop on in and check out her beautiful paintings.

A little bit about Amy Lind:
Amy Lind received a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and additional instruction from the Florence Academy of Art and the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier.  Her work has garnered many accolades, including honorable mentions in the prestigious Art Renewal Center's International Salon and the Portrait Society of America's Member's Only Competition.  In addition to being named Southwest Art magazine's “Artist to Watch: the Editor's Choice for Up-and-Coming Talent”, her paintings have graced the cover of top national publications American Art Collector and Art Calendar.  Lind's paintings can also be found published in the New York Times Bestselling children's book "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me". (This blows me away - I remember seeing the hiliarious Marcel on you-tube a few years ago so the fact that Amy illustrated of the book that followed and that she is lives in Savannah and showing at our store no less is doubly awesome) Here's a shot from the book: 
Amy's work is represented across the country by galleries in Charleston, SC, Santa Barbara, CA and Scottsdale, AZ.  On top of gallery work, she is sought out by many for her uncanny ability to capture the likeness and essence of those she paints while infusing each canvas with captivating qualities of light and color.  Her work hangs in both public and private collections around the world.
Here's a peek at some of what you will see next Friday:

White, 34" x 24", Oil on linen, $4,300


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not..., 44" x 33"
Oil on linen, $6,800

Amy, we are gushing over this! And I am sensing an appreciation for Hopper somewhere.  Hope everyone can come on out next Friday, June 1st and see more of Amy's fabulous work! I'm really excited for this.


Carousel Letters!!

Magically delicious lighted carousel letters soon to be on our website!! ..................................
 A special order, but definitely worth it. 
If I could do my 'favorite things' over again these would be one of them. Look for them on the website this Thursday!


A Few of our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things
India McElroy

Meet India McElroy, the latest addition to The Paris Marketeers; and already cracking me up with her quirky way with words. I feel like I don't even need a cocktail when she is around because she is that funny. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, from artist parents, this SCAD grad has a degree in fibers and frequently shows her work in galleries. Welcome India! Bring in some of your work already, I wanna see! Here are a few of her favorite things:

1. Mirror with Metal Flowers, 2. Savon de Marseille in Olive Oil, 3. Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunks, 4. Sage & Walnut Library Candle, 5. French Mirror Trivet, 6. Santa Rosa Mexican Church Candle, 7. Antique Wall Mirror, 8. Pieced Vintage Coverlet, twin.

What are a few of your favorite things?


Interesting Finds: Vintage Bus Ticket Dispenser

I have to be honest, I really kind of love this thing. It's shiny, functional and has a nice proportion. That's my yardstick on most objects and this one really fits the bill. I'm fantasizing about getting this for my husband and I's studio/soon to be nursery. I'd like to put several different kinds of washi tape we have and the other kinds - drafting, masking, double sided etc. There's so many types of tape we use. Check out this post to see a creative expression of tape. And we have to keep it hidden from our cat because he likes to chew and salivate all over it. So the fact that this has a cover is perfect. Eating tape is one of his outlets for his many psychological problems.  Or instead of tape I could make my own little roll of quips and quotes to roll out and tear off when I need a little "what for" That could be fun too.
We have a large and a small in the store right now. (look downstairs) This one is the large. 


French Expressions to the Rescue!

Have you ever known anyone with a certain je ne sais quoi that can't be described? Sometimes it means flair or charisma, or something sensual and alluring. And sometimes, it's truly more of an "I don't know what!" You might describe the person as mellow and laid back. Perhaps, a little too relaxed. But they're not at all lazy, and there is some magic to their equilibrium. They have a mysteriously peaceful constitution, not at all ruffled by the world. Nothing seems to faze them. Well, the French language is here to save us. The French have an expression for this type of being! 

"Il lui pleut devant comme derrière."

"It rains in front of him and behind him."

Ha! the rain doesn't touch him! He is untouchable!
That picture sums it up I think, but so does this one. 
Clearly, falling trees don't bother him either.

oh you French! Sometimes you really hit the nail so squarely on the head! Thank you to Isa, for letting me in on this perfect expression!

p.s. The man who formerly defied description is my husband, Kevin.


Book Report: Let's Bring Back

I never thought I was one for nostalgia,
but this book has proved me wrong:

"Let's Bring Back" 
an encyclopedia of forgotten-yet-delightful, chic, useful, curious, and otherwise commendable things from time gone by. 
by Lesley M.M. Blume.

oh I really do recommend this book for a read on the train or a flip-through on vacation. Or for that person who likes to catalogue ideas and revels in observations. Some of the highlights (for me) of the book are:
Let's bring back:

Attention spans:
"So lacking these days-and the prognosis for improvement on this front is grim (ha!) AGREED

The Aesthete:
"Society is often dismissive of people who are concerned with appearances, but those lacking an appreciation of beauty are missing the point of being alive in the first place. It's important to appreciate life's ornamentations instead of just obsessing over its drudgeries..."
I heartily concur

Bathing Caps:
"Those bright plstic flower-covered ones from the 1960's always looked so cheerful;..."
No thank you.

The Barter System:
"Money is too complicated-and scarce-these days."
Disagree. Its never a fair exchange and you can't
pay the power bill is hand-thrown teacups. 

Bed Curtains:
"Velvet ones for winter; sheer white panels for summer"
Yes, please.

Popular in the 19th Century, these metal set, vaguely three-dimensional photographs have a slightly enchanted look about them, as though part of the souls of their long dead subjects are still alive inside them. It's tempting to bring back such means of immortality, however minor." 
Agreed, and we have some in the store actually!

Spoiler Alert **** this book contains the recipe of the Original Girl Scout cookie! Agh!

Powder Puffs:
Big, luxurious, fluffy white or pink ones to dunk into tins of sweet smelling talcum powder. The puff should sit like an exotic pet on your vanity table, waiting patiently in between uses.
Also, agreed

Well those are my highlights, others listed are Speakeasies, Rocking Chairs, Telegrams and the WPA - as in "Works Progress Administration"
"Let's not just invest in crumbling banks; let's invest FDR style, in our nation's strained infrastructure. This sounds like a better investment than handing over tax dollars to pad corporate bonuses. 



Fashion Week: LWD

Fashion Week is HERE! And I've been seeing some very stylish people in and out of the store today. Everyone is looking fresh, inspired and stylistically en pointe. And I'm sure having fun stopping by the events at Fab'rik, Haberdashery, Zia, See Jane, Civvies, and  Satchel.

In tribute to Fashion week I bring you the LWD.
If a LBD is a fashion must for women, 
then a little white dress for bambinas is also a necessity.
Our favorite LWD: Simple. Pure. Elegant.

Keep those bambinas stylish Savannah!


Tea Towel Roundup

 We've got some punchy tea towels and napkins in for summer:

And some lovely nautical inspired prints:

Stop on by and freshen up 
your home for summer!


Seascapes meet Tablescapes

We've all heard of bringing the outdoors in, but bringing the ocean to the table can be especially cool. You can start with a statement piece, and fill in with smaller items. That's one of the great things about collections of the natural and organic variety - you can always use them on your table!

Some Paris Market interpretations:

These would be fun table gift too. I love how the shells look with all the silver and mercury glass on the table. It really gives it that glistening "under the sea" feel.

I would love to put one of these blowfish at every table setting for guests to take home at the end of the night. His spikes could even hold the seating card. He's fun and different, he keeps the evening special without it being too stuffy.

Hope this inspires your next dinner party or cocktail "do"
Sea life can really be an unexpected and refreshing change!


Time Travel at The Paris Market: Eyeglass Cases

A little bit of the old, 

 or a bit of the new...

You can pick your pleasure at The Paris Market...

Happy weekend mes amis!!



What the Moms are getting this Sunday

We usually like to give some gift suggestions for special holidays, but I thought I'd let our fantastic customers do the talking this time. People have been picking up these items all week, commenting it was for Mom. Well, most. Someone has yet to order the Carousel Letters. But we can special order any letter you want in any quantity so if you want to put your mom's name in lights, go for it! These scarves- absolute hotcakes, also in pink and polka dots; and the Tocca Handcreme (which Parent's magazine just featured as a must-have due to the high incidence of handwashing from being a Mom) is also a nice little gift. And the Cleopatra scent is THE favorite among us Paris Market girls. If you have a mom who likes to catch a 4 o clock nap, a new pillow might be nice.

In the end, you know what your Mom wants. 
Its probably a vacation.
Enjoy your upcoming fete Moms!


New Arrivals in Yellow

"Blue is the male principle, stern and spiritual. Yellow the female principle, gentle, cheerful and sensual. Red is matter, brutal and heavy and always the colour which must be fought and vanquished by the other two." -Franz Marc

I'm not sure, I think that red can feel brutal and heavy if there's too much of it. But a red balloon or umbrella can be really nice. Still I don't think we see yellow enough. Here's some just arrived, and incidentally it embodies all those above qualities. Maybe Franz IS onto something! Although I wouldn't attribute yellow as purely feminine, nor blue as strictly stern, spiritual and male. 
Enjoy some of our yellow new arrivals!



Remember what Mom said!

As a lead up to Mother's Day - this Sunday (!!) I wanted to celebrate the wisdom of Mom. What makes them so wise? Well they have a lot of marks to meet (important marks) in a short of amount of time, usually on budgets. So they have a special brand of efficiency. Naturally, I asked my fellow Paris Marketeers what words their mother's had to guide them through life.

Michele told me she was hatched, and no one else can quite remember anything that memorable their mom said. You know, favorably memorable, that is. Is it disheartening, Moms, that no one is listening? or extremely liberating? As number 3 in the lineup, I think my mom thought I wasn't listening, but I was. I heard every witty, quippy thing she said in my earshot. But the prize goes to Isabel, she had the nicest answer, with her mom telling her: 
"You never make your kids for yourself. You have to let them go. They don't belong to you. My mom, she never judged my decisions. One day I will have to let Kate go and I'm prepared for this and I have my mom to thank for it.
My mom said a lot of funny things, mostly commentary on the absurdity of life, and for which context is needed and probably not blog appropriate, but I do remember after college when I wanted to roam around Europe for a few weeks and none of my friends were free to be my travel buddy, I asked her if I should just wait until people could come with me. Even though I'm sure it freaked her out that I would be traveling alone, she told me that I should go when I had the chance, because I might not have the chance later. So I went. And then one week into the first leg of my trip in Ireland when I got the flu and thought about coming home, she told me I should just stay and get better because I would probably regret coming home so early and missing out. So, I left Inishmore two days later for Dublin, hopped on RyanAir and let my lungs dry out in France. It was a perfect solution. See mom, I was listening!

What did your mom tell you?
Assuming you were listening, of course.


Fresh Batch: Mother's Day Cards

Now is the time to thank your Mom for all the time, energy and money it took to raise you right! Our daily existence is supposed to prove that it was all worth it, so if that's in any way questionable, you definitely need to send her a nice card. You don't want her wondering why she thought it was a good idea in the first place, do you? No, of course not.

And don't forget Grandma!

Happy Mother's Day Moms!


Tablescapes: Mellow Moonlight

Candles as Centerpiece
 I usually put just a few candles on the table, but why? this is a stunning statement with our gorgeous Santa Rosa candles! And one that can be easily modified to suit your own personal style. Styling by Shelby Massey and Kelsey Riley.

 Happy Weekends mes amis! Please come by tonight for some moonlight shopping - we're open till 9pm!


Meow Meow Beautiful

I live in the historic district and many times I feel like I'm walking inside Mr. Roger's neighborhood with the constant trolleys circling the squares and the "ARGH!" of the pirates to welcome visitors to the Pirate's House. All that's missing is that little cat that says "Meow, meow, beautiful." Well actually, I've got the meow meow beautiful right here:

Bon weekend mes amis - whether that's visiting the tall ships, the Sand Arts Festival at Tybee or chilling out at the Lucas for the Audrey Hepburn movie tribute, kick off your weekend with us and enjoy some good shopping as we're open late till 9pm for First Fridays on Broughton. Wahoo!


Obsession Succession: Doll Outfits!!

Okay, so we all know I am obsessed with the knitted dolls we have here. And sadly, they fly out the door so quickly that I don't have long to gaze at them lovingly from the register. BUT, my crush has been heightened to the level of infatuation with the arrival of...wait for it...OUTFITS for the cuddly critters!! OMG, so cute! Take a sneak peep:

See what I mean!!! Gah! We only have one of each, so get em while you can!