Don't Forget

Toast to the Season

Friday, September 25, 2009
6:00 - 9:00 pm
30 West Broughton Street
(Ballroom located on the top floor above The Paris Market)

Join the Friends of the Philharmonic for an evening of cocktails, classical music and tastings from many of Savannah’s fine restaurants.

Minimum donation $25/person*

(100% goes towards your membership to the Philharmonic)
*tickets available at the door.

Silent Auction

RSVP 912.232.6002 or email: friends@thesavphilharmonic.org



Too Much On Your Mind?

Ever feel like you have too many irons in the fire, too many projects on the backburner, with a bunch of new ideas piled like kindling in your brain? My to do list yearns for a GPS system, just some, any, guidance through the myriad of tasks - old and new, crossed out, underlined, highlighted. Sticky notes have become a flowing, ever-changing, workspace performance art piece. My iPhone just groans instead of ringing. Voice, data, text – oh, my!

So… I’m sitting on my porch swing, wearing my clown nose, drinking some coffee, eating some left over cotton candy and contemplating my day. Give up and give in, never. Clown nose off, smile on, forge ahead, Monday, here I come.


Nominate Us

Okay, this time we are asking for your help. Nominate us as a “Shine a Light” small business. We only have until Midnight Sunday September 13th. Sign up, read our story and vote for us if you think we are deserving. If we make it through the selection process, we will return the favor with a big party! Tell all your friends. Let the voting begin!



Two Blocks, Three Blankets, and One Strap

Ingredients of the perfect torture formula? …Maybe. The above, however, also constitute the “enhancers” of my twice-weekly Yoga practice. I was first introduced to this holistic spiritual experience while in India a couple of years ago. Graceful, serene, and elegant, the exercise melds mind body and soul in a series of unified poses and transitions. Initially coy, the isometrics insidiously build one upon another, pain mixing with pleasure, endorphins vying for adrenaline’s attention, until one is ultimately reduced to a quivering, perspiration drenched, noodle of relaxation.

My current Yogi, Lynn Geddes (yogamefit.com), has helped transform my “plank pose” with ever more flowing, measured modifications gradually creating a more seamless, sinuous me. Now granted, compared to Lynn, I still feel like a mechanical robot, crudely bolted together, with several rusted parts that seem to creak and groan at inopportune moments. I am, however, better than before, stronger than before, and more determined than ever. The incredible poise and stamina gained through Anusara Yoga emboldens one for the day-to-day circus of life, and I’ve got one of the best seats in the house.