Two Blocks, Three Blankets, and One Strap

Ingredients of the perfect torture formula? …Maybe. The above, however, also constitute the “enhancers” of my twice-weekly Yoga practice. I was first introduced to this holistic spiritual experience while in India a couple of years ago. Graceful, serene, and elegant, the exercise melds mind body and soul in a series of unified poses and transitions. Initially coy, the isometrics insidiously build one upon another, pain mixing with pleasure, endorphins vying for adrenaline’s attention, until one is ultimately reduced to a quivering, perspiration drenched, noodle of relaxation.

My current Yogi, Lynn Geddes (yogamefit.com), has helped transform my “plank pose” with ever more flowing, measured modifications gradually creating a more seamless, sinuous me. Now granted, compared to Lynn, I still feel like a mechanical robot, crudely bolted together, with several rusted parts that seem to creak and groan at inopportune moments. I am, however, better than before, stronger than before, and more determined than ever. The incredible poise and stamina gained through Anusara Yoga emboldens one for the day-to-day circus of life, and I’ve got one of the best seats in the house.


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