A Few of our Favorite Things

We would like to welcome our newest team member, Kate!
This current Junior at Scad and Advertising major, brings a lot to our crew with her sweet smile and friendly attitude. Her love for interior design puts her right at home within our walls and we couldn't be happier to have her as a part of the Paris Market family! As we do with all our lovely ladies, we asked her to share some of her Paris Market favorites.
Here they are!

 1. Matt and Nat Green Leather Clutch / 2. Wine Barrel Chandelier / 3. Vintage Cabinet Cards / 4. Sweet Sunflower Candle / 5. Sailor Canvas Toiletry Bag 

What are a few of your favorite things?


Thursday Treats: Homemade Scones

If you've every sat down at a sunlit marble bistro table in our Patisserie and pushed pause on your busy day to enjoy a comforting beverage, you've probably treated your taste buds to one of the many tasty treats. Everyday we offer an assortment of locally made biscotti, cookies, and macarons, but on Thursday we are serving something extra special. 

Our favorite Barista, Susie is now offering our Patisserie customers her fresh baked scones every Thursday.
Choose from flavors like Ham & Cheddar with fresh Thyme, Blueberry Ginger with Tangerine Zest, Lavender Lemon, and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice. 
Susie has been a personal chef on private yachts and in high-end houses for the past 25 years and loves to bake. 
Now your cup of coffee can have the perfect pairing with one of her homemade scones.

So stop by every Thursday, sit down at a sunlit marble bistro table in our Patisserie, push pause on your busy day, enjoy a comforting beverage and be sure to try one of Susie's scones.
Who knows you might decide to become a regular.
See you next Thursday!


Postcards from Paris: { winter's passing }

If asked who would paint this season; the time around Easter when spring has just arrived, but grey-overcast days still scatter the week with some in between fortunate days of picnic weather and soaking in the vitamin D.
It would be Édouard Vuillard, with his somber paintings of bouquets in vases against backdrops of mixed floral prints, and women in Gibson-girl hairstyles tending to children or gazing out a window.
There is a children’s song I grew up singing, and this past winter I sang in to a couple of French children who watch from time to time. It’s a simple song, and it was intended to teach them something to hum along to in English:
I looked out the window and what did I see?
  Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.
Spring has brought me such a nice surprise!
Popcorn popping right before my eyes.
I can take a handful and make a treat.
A popcorn ball that smells so sweet.
It wasn't really so, but it seemed to be
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.
I always felt like I was singing out of tune from the season, while the tree branches were bare and there was an evident sense of winter-hibernation.
But there really is a season for all things, and moments of spring come as we patiently accept winter’s passing.  Just as I was attempting to calm the baby’s tears with popcorn popping I noticed out her bedroom window blossoms beginning to bud on the magnolia tree.


FOUND jewelry

Our current jewelry case newcomers are a collaboration between local designers, Erica Wilson and Holley Jaakkola. Their line FOUND jewelry does justice to its name by incorporating both natural elements and vintage findings into each piece. From pops of unexpected color to classic simplicity you will fall head over heels for FOUND jewelry just as we have.

Unearth the unique pieces of FOUND jewelry, currently available in our accessory showcases. To learn more about Erica and Holley's collaboration visit their Facebook page here
 Brighten up your Spring wardrobe with a selection of unique accessories, now at The Paris Market!


Play with Texture: Our Favorite Textiles for Spring

To a creative eye, texture is a necessity in life.
In our home, our wardrobe, and our world we are drawn to those objects with depth. Whether it be a pattern or a woven wonder we just seem to not be able to live without it.
 Our store is currently swimming with texture.
 Our newest throw pillows, clothing, blankets and bags have some of the most delicious prints, faint-worthy fabrics, and tasty textures around. We just can't seem to get enough!
Here are some of our favorites.

Add a bit of woven wonder into your home, wardrobe and world this spring season and be sure to stop by The Paris Market to see some of favorite textiles!


Bookmarked - Stuff

If you like stuff like we do (and you know we do!), you will love our most recent read, Stuff by Carey Maloney. Crack the spine and explore the brilliant designs and intriguing collections in the homes of impassioned collectors.

Author Carey Maloney, founded the architecture and interior design firm, M Group with his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, in 1984. M Group's award-winning work has been published internationally, and the firm receives accolades for employing classic forms wisely, boldly, and with considerable wit and subtlety for a roster of illustrious clients. The use of unique interactive digital recognition technology allows readers to delve deep into 40 captivating topics, expanding the scope of the book to include cyberlinks to the world's great museum collections, the most important dealers, and the most illuminating research resources.

Open your mind to a world of cultivated and educated collecting with this must read for any clutter bug. 
Available at The Paris Market!


Postcards from Paris: { f o n t a i n e b l e a u }

On a profoundly sunny and peculiarly warm winter afternoon, we took a drive out to the château of Fontainebleau. The sun shined gold, illuminating the gilded features on the castle’s front gate.
Walking like cowboys on the cobblestone, certain emotions were left on hold. However, the romantic notion of a Sunday stroll through the topiary garden was something that could not be dismissed.
  As much as Fontainebleau can be mistakenly dismissed when compared to the grand scheme of Versailles. I am still learning not to compare things to others, even after recognizing certain English charms that reflect London’s Hyde Park; Fontainebleau still holds its own. Though the winter coats still lingered, the seagulls were out sunbathing on the lake and some of the Parisians were profiting from the early hints of spring outside the city limits.
Like the Kings of past France we took ease in our steps, enjoying what we could before we lost the sunlight and had to return back to the city. Not realizing that only a few days later, we’d be greeted by snowfall.


Raising the Bar

Is it Five O' Clock yet?
The cocktail hour has long been a cherished tradition of the South, a relaxing way to wind down and enjoy the conversation of friends and family, maybe a tasty little appetizer to nibble on, too. But why stop at the cocktail hour, when you can make it an all-out party?
Our newest collection of Bar accessories will have you shaking up a batch of Blueberry Martinis for an elegant cocktail in no time. 
Just because you're drink is fancy doesn't mean your bar-ware can't be fancy too!

Celebrate after a long day and toast to the warmth of spring with this favorite Blueberry Martini recipe!

Blueberry Martini

Handful of Fresh, Washed Blueberries (about 20 small)
1.5 Ounces Vodka
.5 Ounce Blue Curacao Liqueur
1/3 Ounce Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, or more to taste
Garnish: Several Berries Skewered On A Cocktail Pick

Muddle the blueberries in a cocktail shaker. Add the vodka, curacao, and lemon juice. Fill the shaker with ice. Shake vigorously to help the blueberries release more color and flavor. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a chilled martini glass. Add the garnish. 

recipe from Southern Cocktails by Denise Gee

Swing by The Paris Market or shop our online store to style your next cocktail hour with our assortment of bar accessories!


Behind the Glass: The Spirit of Easter

Easter is almost here and our windows have bloomed with colored eggs, green hues, and essential spring products. Display gals, Shelby and Kelsey, worked tirelessly behind the scenes creating this oversized egg, paper petals, and natural woven bird nest.
We love holidays, here at the Paris Market, and our store is now fully stocked with Easter gift items and other spring goodies for our warm weather shoppers.

Click here to see what was behind the glass last Easter and be sure to stop by this month to see our magical windows for yourself!
Joyeuses Paques!


Its pretty easy being Green.

 St. Patrick's Day is almost here and as they say "It's the one day that everyone's Irish".
This saying couldn't be more accurate if you've ever traveled to Savannah for March 17th. Saint Patrick's Day is Savannah's largest annual celebration and the second largest St. Patrick's Day celebration and parade in the United States. People from all backgrounds, ethnicity's, and beliefs, don the color green and hit the streets for a week of shamrock shenanigans. 
Here at The Paris Market you can find the St. Patrick's Day hue around every corner.
Here are some of our favorite green themed products, perfect for the Irish spirit in us all!

Shamrock cookies specially baked for the holiday! Available in our Patisserie for a limited time!

St. Patrick's Day Accessories for the fellas / Caldrea Products in Ginger Pomelo

 Decorative Tapes in the perfect green hue.
Green Leather Accessories for the Irish Ladies, choose from wallets, billfolds and handbags.

 A little St. Patrick's Day Know-How

- Green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is the color of spring, Ireland and the shamrock.
-  Saint Patrick was born around 385 AD in the United Kingdom. His real name is believed to be Maewyn Succat
- The first St. Patrick's Day parade didn't take place in Ireland, but actually in New York City on March 17, 1762. 
- It is rumored that people give Saint Patrick credit for chasing all the snakes out of Ireland. The truth is that snakes are not indigenous to Ireland.

The Paris Market will be closed tomorrow, Saturday the 16th and will be open for St. Patrick's Day.
Wishing you a very glorious and green St. Patrick's Day this year!
St. Patrick's Day is with us,
The day when all that's seen
To right and left and everywhere
Is green, green, green!

And Irish tunes they whistle
And Irish songs they sing,
To-day each Irish lad walks out
As proud as any king.

I'll wear a four-leaf shamrock
In my coat, the glad day through,
For my father and mother are Irish
And I am Irish too!


Our Customers Behind the Lens!

This past week the streets have been filled with travelers, flocking from far and wide to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Savannah way.
We have loved seeing all the fresh faces in our city and in our store, hearing their oohs and aahs, and getting a chance to see The Paris Market with a new set of eyes.  Our latest visitors have snapped, clicked, and flashed their way into our hearts and onto our Instagram.
Here are some of our favorites!

@cannekitch/The Paris market = Heaven

 @jrizzle/Pretty flippin' sweet! Feels like I'm watching "Midnight in Paris!"

@mizrach_mcclelland/Grabbing a mocha at the Market.

@limaannn/We can't stop. Need to live here...

@jileensargent/In love with this store.

@bnick41/Beam me up.

@pemberleyjones/My favorite spot in Savannah

Rest you're cameras you creative travelers and thanks for visiting with us!
  Follow us on Instagram, username: theparismarket, if you don't follow us already, and share your photos, comments, and favorite items with the Paris Market community!
We can't wait to see what you come up with next!