Thursday Treats: Homemade Scones

If you've every sat down at a sunlit marble bistro table in our Patisserie and pushed pause on your busy day to enjoy a comforting beverage, you've probably treated your taste buds to one of the many tasty treats. Everyday we offer an assortment of locally made biscotti, cookies, and macarons, but on Thursday we are serving something extra special. 

Our favorite Barista, Susie is now offering our Patisserie customers her fresh baked scones every Thursday.
Choose from flavors like Ham & Cheddar with fresh Thyme, Blueberry Ginger with Tangerine Zest, Lavender Lemon, and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice. 
Susie has been a personal chef on private yachts and in high-end houses for the past 25 years and loves to bake. 
Now your cup of coffee can have the perfect pairing with one of her homemade scones.

So stop by every Thursday, sit down at a sunlit marble bistro table in our Patisserie, push pause on your busy day, enjoy a comforting beverage and be sure to try one of Susie's scones.
Who knows you might decide to become a regular.
See you next Thursday!

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