Postcards from Paris: { a n t w e r p e n, part II }

As I walked through Antwerp I felt a direct connection the store. With religious iconography throughout the city, I knew it was something I could embrace and write home about.
On the cold Saturday evening we strolled with tourist map in hand, in search of some sort of scene to dive into. There were a few venues playing music, but nothing that exactly pulled us in for the long run. So we stopped here some, there some, and turned the direction towards our hotel. Before stepping away from the centre of the city, a hot beverage was a last-ditch effort and we beckoned to its call just adjacent to the Cathedral of Our Lady.
Also adjacent to the cathedral was a dimly-lit, vine-covered restaurant. At first I only noticed a glowing saint, sitting and very well settled on the windowsill. That was all I needed to be intrigued. I separated myself for a moment from my company to explore the interior. It was the sort of scene I was looking for, and instantly felt pulled in.
Religious iconography collections can be bountiful or sparse. For those who prefer the former, I suggest a trip to Antwerp and a stroll around the cathedral; and those who prefer the latter, I suggest a trip to Antwerp and a stroll throughout the city, where one can explore the avant-garde design, and stumble across occasional beaming saints set up on scattered corners of Antwerpen architecture.


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very interesting...beautiful religious architecture.