Bookmarked - Stuff

If you like stuff like we do (and you know we do!), you will love our most recent read, Stuff by Carey Maloney. Crack the spine and explore the brilliant designs and intriguing collections in the homes of impassioned collectors.

Author Carey Maloney, founded the architecture and interior design firm, M Group with his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, in 1984. M Group's award-winning work has been published internationally, and the firm receives accolades for employing classic forms wisely, boldly, and with considerable wit and subtlety for a roster of illustrious clients. The use of unique interactive digital recognition technology allows readers to delve deep into 40 captivating topics, expanding the scope of the book to include cyberlinks to the world's great museum collections, the most important dealers, and the most illuminating research resources.

Open your mind to a world of cultivated and educated collecting with this must read for any clutter bug. 
Available at The Paris Market!

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