The French word of the day

French word of the day

Bonjour! Comment ça va?

Today is Monica, a Paris Market staff member’s birthday! So today’s French phrase of the day is: Bon anniversaire Monica! = Happy birthday Monica!

Au revoir!



Signature Aprons

100% Linen bistro apron screen printed with our signature Paris Market red are now on our website!  Bon appetit!

The french word of the day is "La grenouille"!

Bonjour! Comment ça va?

Today it's raining in Savannah, so to lighten the mood I will sing a popular french children's song about a frog who loves the rain!

Le mot du jour est "La grenouille"
"Il pleut,
 Il mouille.
 C'est la fête à la grenouille!"

The word of the day is "Frog"
"It's raining,
 It's wet.
 Time for the frog to celebrate!"

It's wet outside, so come escape the rain in The Paris Market's warm ambience and dance with me!


Monday, February 21, 2011 Update


We have a new line of candles coming in from some very special vendors.

Our classic grab bags are back. Vintage jewelry and other assorted surprises await in these Paris Market customer favorites.

Friday, February 25th:

40 imported Italian umbrellas. Sold with hand-painted ornate decorations or plain, perfect for the creative customer looking to paint their own.  Need help? We will post videos online of Shelby’s painting demonstrations. Our eco-friendly umbrellas are biodegradable, wind-proof, and offer UV as well as rain protection.

Screen-printed baby garments.

Monica, local art student and staff member of The Paris Market will be making onesies for infants of all sizes. Vêtements pour de petits enfants (clothes for small children) are screen-printed with cute imagery such as French bicycle seats, the Eiffel tower, and
“oui, oui, oui all the way home”!

Coffee specials and ‘behind the café’ footage

As Paris Market continues their quest for new fun drinks at our coffee bar, we’ve come up with some very delicious spring specials, including our signature White Forest and Black Forest mocha! Get an exclusive sneak peak of our trade secrets with clips of our staff preparing these drinks. The videos will be uploaded to our blog and Facebook page at the end of the week.

As Savannah delights in a week of sun, join the many costumers who cool off with The Paris Market’s top-selling Frozen Hot Cocoa.

Polaroids from Paris: {Le Marché aux Puces}

At the end of the metro line 4, Porte Clignancourt, through the stands of Asian-imported shoes and bags, cheap clothing, and a number of Rastafarian outlets selling varied scented incense, one will eventually get to the good stuff. The stuff that is worn down with age, the things that are slightly tattered, objects that once shined brand new, but now have a translucent layer of time on them. 
Vintage Playing Cards, French books of Bridge-playing, and old champagne caps with vintage graphics are just a few things on their way to Savannah.


Polaroids from Paris: {A Stroll Down Le Canal Saint-Martin}

It has become one of my favorite areas in Paris, though I only give you a glimpse of it's charm, the Canal Saint-Martin is best experienced with warmer weather. When the temperature is comfortable, and the sun is gleaming through the city, I love strolling down the canal along the cobblestone. The crowd of people
 picnic-ing are some of the most interesting to watch. With baguettes, assortment of cheeses, and a variety of different beverages sipped from plastic cups which accompany the "bo-bo" crowd I long to see the sight of Spring. Though there was some activity today along the canal, it was still incredibly evident that winter was still amongst us here is Paris.
Now for Savannah, might I bring up Isabelle's French Word of the Day, and emphasize her suggestion to "prendre un café à la terrasse du Paris Market"
I can just imagine the Savannah Spring season beginning to surface.

Umbrellas for sale

Thanks for the wonderful display Matt!

French word of the day with Isabelle "Terrasse"

Bonjour! Comment ça va?

France is famous for their café culture. You would be hard pressed to pass a terrace (or sidewalk) café in Paris or Provence without noticing it's unique atmosphere. So today’s word is “Terrasse”, meaning, “Terrace” or sidewalk.

Viens prendre un café à la terrasse du Paris Market = Come to have a coffee at the Paris Market sidewalk café

Au revoir!



Polaroids from Paris: {Ville de granit et de marbre}

Smaller than Le Pere Lachaise, yet still a considerably size, Cimetiere du Montparnasse still holds it's own, like both Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, and Serge Gainsbourg with his tombstone well-attended for. It's curious how time passes with such a sense of contentment while strolling through the rows and columns of those whom have passed. I honestly hadn't for a single moment thought, "how drab or how depressing" but instead I found my surrounding to be peaceful and intriguing. In fact, as morbid as this may sound to some, I came out with how I would design my headstone; it would be completely compiled with those lovely ceramic flowers that rest of some of the graves.
Anyway, walking through this little city of granite and marble was interesting and informative to keep it at that.

French word of the day with Isabelle

Bonjour! Comment ça va?
In France, the children don’t have school on Wednesdays. So today’s word is “Mercredi”, meaning simply “Wednesday”.

Mercredi, c’est le jour des petits = Wednesday, the day for children!

Au revoir!



Postcards from Paris: {The Sélect Crowd}

We recently had the opportunity to sit in Le Sélect Cafe with Rick Tulka. We people-watched and discussed his inspirations. I think somewhere in our minds we each wished that we had come up with what he thought of.
Oh, the joy of people-watching.


Polaroids from Paris: {Le jour de Saint Valentin}

Happy Valentine's Day!
Best romantic wishes of love from the city of it.

Last Day of Paris Market Valentine's Day Display

Interview with "The Writer in the Window"

Today we are spot lighting the writer Lauren DeRosa, who will be in our store writing original poetry all day. Here is her story:


Polaroids from Paris: {Reoccurring Rendez-Vous on Rue des Rosiers}

All the dear ones who come to visit me can't get enough.
Nor can I.
I can eat a falafel at least three times a week.
That's just what we did.
Aside from the falafels, Le Marais is my favorite neighborhood to walk through. One can count the posts that feature Le Marais as proof.
Really I can't get enough.