Polaroids from Paris: {A Stroll Down Le Canal Saint-Martin}

It has become one of my favorite areas in Paris, though I only give you a glimpse of it's charm, the Canal Saint-Martin is best experienced with warmer weather. When the temperature is comfortable, and the sun is gleaming through the city, I love strolling down the canal along the cobblestone. The crowd of people
 picnic-ing are some of the most interesting to watch. With baguettes, assortment of cheeses, and a variety of different beverages sipped from plastic cups which accompany the "bo-bo" crowd I long to see the sight of Spring. Though there was some activity today along the canal, it was still incredibly evident that winter was still amongst us here is Paris.
Now for Savannah, might I bring up Isabelle's French Word of the Day, and emphasize her suggestion to "prendre un café à la terrasse du Paris Market"
I can just imagine the Savannah Spring season beginning to surface.


Kelsey & Erik said...
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Kelsey said...

hm...this makes me want a cozy beer at la Patache, and a big woodenboard or breads and cheeses.or just a little pot of french butter and a fork to eat it with.