Resolutions for 2013

Another year has arrived and its time for the traditional New Years Resolutions. 
Whether or not your resolutions stay strong for the entire year, looking at the coming 365 days as a time for change and growth is what it's really all about (diets aside). Some of our staff already have a few ideas as to what they want to achieve in 2013.
Here are their resolutions.

Not too shabby.
What are some of your Resolutions?


Yearly Recap: The Best of 2012

We look back on this past year and are flooded with fond memories and exciting moments! It seemed to whoosh by in a fast yet extremely colorful blur.
Here are some of our favorite highlights of 2012!

Book Signings!
This year we had the pleasure of hosting some spectacular book signings for a few local literary geniuses!

A Growing Staff!
Our family is growing with several great additions in 2012! Aerial, Michelle, India, Katie, Laura, Rainey, Cara, Eric...we are so happy to have you on the Paris Market team!

A New Arrival!
The Paris Market crew helped our blogger gal Lauren celebrate the newest arrival to the Paris Market family, little Ava Marie! Born July 4th, 2012! Congrats Lauren!

Staff-Made Products!
Our staff of creative ladies was not in short supply in 2012. Several Paris Marketeers created their very own designs, some sold within the walls of our shop and some sold all over the country! Way to go ladies!

Kelsey Garrity Riley - Heirloom Silk Scarf

Isabelle Brassard - Vintage d' aujourd' hui jewelry

Megan Cash - Cufflinks, Bow ties, and Jewelry

A Crafter's Guide Debut!
Our blog got a dose of handmade love with a series of DIYs developed by Paris Market blogger and how-to gal, Jessie!

Mason Jar Party Tumblers


Valentines Day Gift Boxes

Fabric Flag Cupcake Toppers

Our Window Displays!
We are always proud of our windows and in 2012 our display team didn't disappoint!

October - Dia de los Muertos

April - Bake in the Day Bakery Book Signing

July - Bastille Day

March - Garden Party

February - Valentines Day

To each and every one of those who shared 2012 with us, we thank you! Here's to an exciting and memorable year ahead!
See you in 2013!


Happy Holidays From Germany!

 There is nothing more wonderful than being home for Christmas in the company of loved ones.  Its been truly wonderful to be able to spend  this time of year with my family in the southern corner of Germany -where the Blackforest meets the French and Swiss borders. The weather may be sliding back and forth between snow and a wet drizzle, but we have all the warming familiarities of home to keep us smiling; long walks in the forest, christmas markets, warm spiced wine and holiday cookies just to name a few. Its been an added blessing to spend this time not only with Erik, Collin and our family- but also our dearest friend Reba . So from all of us on this side of the world- love and warmest wishes! 


Dec 25th

From our home to yours,
we send the warmest of wishes for the merriest of christmases and the happiest of holidays to all!

- The Paris Market Family

illustration by Kelsey Garrity Riley


A Paris Market Jewelry Party

Tis the season for parties.
And no one likes a party better than the Paris Market family.
If you've shopped our showcases recently you'd be hard pressed to overlook the large collection of vintage Eisenberg Jewelry glittering throughout our store. What you wouldn't see however, is the bins upon bins of this special jewelry in our backstock, just waiting to be cleaned and be given new life. What better way to ready these pieces for anxious customers than to host a jewelry party with the Paris Market crew, some pizza, and lots of sparkles.

What a great reason to get together.
We can't wait for these special jewels to hit our shelves!
Stay tuned for more on the Eisenburg Jewelry Collection and other amazing vintage treasures, only at The Paris Market!


Shop our Newest Products Online!

Some new goodies are now available in our Online Shop!
With all this gift giving going around we think its high time you gave a gift to yourself!

A Gift Guide for your Guy

1. Guest Wooden Toothbrush Set | 2. Linen & Pine Henry Ford Satchel

3. Shoe Brush Kit | 4. Bow Ties for Men & Boys by Megan Cash | 5. Canvas Eagle Toiletry Case 

6. Brass Ruled Letter Opener | 7. Field Notes Note Pad

Guys are hard to shop for, that's just a plain fact.
Skip the stress this Christmas and head over to the Paris Market for a selection of fella friendly items that will have him smiling this holiday.
Socks and Aftershave excluded.