German Glass Glitter

Glittering surfaces have been found to be used since prehistoric times in the arts and in cosmetics. As early as 30,000 year ago, flake mica was used to give caves paintings a glittering appearance. Today over 20,000 varieties of glitter are manufactured in a vast number of different colors, sizes, and materials. The first production of modern glitter has been sometimes been credited to American cattle farmer and machinist, Henry Ruschmann, shortly after the start of WWII. With German glass glitter unavailable due to the war, Ruschmann found a market for scrap material ground into glitter made of plastics. 
German glass glitter is basically what the name implies.  It is ground-up colored glass, and it comes in many different grit sizes and colors. The reason it holds such a special place in so many crafters hearts is due to its texture. German glass glitter is chunkier and more light reflective than most plastic glitter and gives a vintage look to any surface it adheres to. 

We have a selection of German Glass Glitter available at The Paris Market, stocked and ready for the christmas crafting season. We love how they come in these mini glass bottles with real cork top. Choose from silver, gold, and white.
Tis the Season for Christmas Crafting!

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