Currently Inspired: Milagros

Milagros are religious folk charms that are traditionally used as votive offerings in Latin America, Spain, & some other parts of Europe. The idea behind a milagro is that it is a physical representation of a prayer. For example, if someone is experiencing pain in their leg, a milagro in the shape of a leg would be attached to the robe or altar of a saint during prayer, to remind the saint of the content of the prayer. In addition to being used in prayer to request something, a milagro can also be utilized in a prayer of thanks. For instance, a farmer who wishes to give thanks for the birth of a healthy foal could attach a milagro in the shape of a horse to the saint. Milagros come in a variety of shapes & dimensions & are fabricated from many different materials, depending on local customs. For example, they might be nearly flat or fully three-dimensional; & they can be constructed from a number of materials including gold, silver, tin, lead, wood, bone, or wax. In Spanish, the word milagro literally means miracle or surprise.

From larger reproductions of milagros to more traditional milagro charms, we have a great collection of these fascinating objects here at the Paris Market. Stop by soon to see them for yourself!


Happy National Coffee Day!

It may be Monday, but it's also National Coffee Day & we couldn't be more excited to celebrate here at the Paris Market. Maybe it's just the caffeine talking, but we're always up for any excuse to drink another cup of joe. So whether you prefer your coffee black or with just a splash of cream, or you're more of a "vanilla almond milk latte with extra foam" kind of person, be sure to stop today & celebrate National Coffee Day with your favorite coffee drink (& maybe even a treat) from the Paris Market Café!!  


On the Shelf: Wrapping Paper

We love all of our paper goods here at the Paris Market, but our wrapping paper has to be one of our favorites. These printed sheets make for some absolutely beautiful wrapping paper, but they can also function as decorative posters for your wall. And with so many different prints to choose from, there's something for everyone. From scientific charts of everything from butterflies to mushrooms to cows, to maps of everywhere from Paris to New York to the world, we love them all! So whether you're looking for wrapping paper as the finishing touch to the perfect gift or looking to fill up that empty space on your wall, stop by soon to check out our newest wrapping paper. And that's a wrap!


This Just In: Essential Notebooks

It's always an exciting time when we get a batch of new notebooks here at the Paris Market & this time is no exception! There are few things we love more than cracking open a fresh notebook & filing up the pages with our inspired ideas throughout the day.  And we have a feeling these new essential notebooks are going to be great for just that! With a wide array of cover designs & your choice of lined, graphed, or unlined paper, you're sure to find a notebook that will be the perfect fit for you! Stop by soon to check them out!


Currently Inspired: Tiny Things

You never know what you might find when perusing our collection here at the Paris Market, and today we're feeling inspired by tiny things! From pocket-sized vintage books & photographs to miniature office supplies & eating utensils to the tiniest tea cup you've ever seen, we're loving these wee little objects that may often get overlooked. Whoever said bigger is better is clearing missing out! So if you're feeling as inspired as we are by these wonderfully tiny things, be sure to stop by the store soon & see what you can find for yourself!


This Just In: Vintage-Style Trinkets

Everyone knows we're all about vintage here at the Paris Market, so it's no surprise that we are completely in love with our new collection of vintage style trinkets. There's just something about the way things used to be made & we love that all these little objects harken back to that. From ornate scissors & nutcrackers to liquor bottle & cheese labels to pin cushions & measuring tape, these gadgets are sure to add delight to any collection. So whether you're looking to add to your own collection or you're hoping to find that perfect gift for someone you love, be sure to stop by the store soon to peruse these unique objects.


Ashley Woodson Bailey Recap

Despite a few rain showers, which, let's be real, are unavoidable these days, we still had a lovely time at our Ashley Woodson Bailey reception on Friday evening. The photographs were stunning, the hors d'oeuvres were delicious, & the company was delightful. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out & made the night so special, for us & for Ashley. If you couldn't make it out on Friday, check out some of the photos we captured to get a glimpse of what you missed! And be sure to stop by the store soon to see Ashley's work, which will still be on display for the next 2 weeks!  


On the Shelf: Florals, Florals, & More Florals!

With our Ashley Woodson Bailey photography reception just hours away, florals have essentially taken over our store, which means that we are fully stocked with some great new dried florals & botanicals. From our displays to our shelves, and even in our jewelry case, you'll find beautiful blossomed arrangements just about every direction you turn. And we're absolutely loving it! There's just something about being surrounded by so much natural beauty that instantly puts us in a good mood. So if you love florals as much as we do, be sure to join us tonight at 6PM for Ashley's photography reception! It's going to be a lovely evening & we hope to see you all there!