Heaven in Hades

A nondescript marker sits just off the highway, easily missed if not for the GPS chirping, “next left turn”.  Turn left here?  Post-apocalyptic monochromatic mesa stretches across the horizon.  A short, remarkably smooth paved road ends abruptly at a gate and another nondescript, but elegant marker:  Amangiri.  The next mile of private drive funnels one through an otherworldly scene of stratified and statuesque pillars and bluffs punctuate with desert shrubs, flowers and the occasional tumbleweed. 

I step out of the car and feel like I’ve stepped onto the set of a James Bond movie.  Like an austere modernist sculpture, the Pavilion rises out of the escarpment.  On one side oversize picture windows frame the desert, on the other, glass doors open on an extraordinary pool built around a 160 million year old stone outcropping.  The room overlooks the undulating mesa, and comes with its own plunge pool and sky terrace.  At night, the intense isolation (there are only 34 accommodations to this 600 acre resort on the edge of a national park) is broken by the infinite stars and galaxies – like sleeping in a planetarium.

Amangiri is surrounded by the so called Grand Circle of national parks, Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon.  With the resort's dramatic surrounds, however, you might never find reason to venture off the grounds.



Him/Her/Home: Say Hello to July

Nothing says summer like a gathering of good friends and family. For our final Friday of June we've rounded up a few products to start July off the right way! Cookbooks filled with delicious summer recipes, the smell of fresh cut grass, and refreshing cocktails for warm nights are here to get us through the dog days of summer. Say hello to July! 

For Him: Waiter's Friend | Wet Your Whistle Flask | Ultimate Bar Book
For Her: French Lessons Cookbook | Fresh Cut Grass Candle | Key Lime Squares Baking Mix
For Home: Bellocq Charleston Loose Tea Caddy | HomeMade Summer Cookbook | Paddle Board


The Journey

The early morning sun pierces the sky above Boynton Canyon, sweeps down the craggy monolithic rock formations and appears to ignite the Ponderosa pines with a heavenly glow.  Indeed, they say God created the Grand Canyon, but lived in Sedona.  Tucked discretely at the edge of town, Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa form the perfect destination within a destination.

Eager to rejuvenate after the incredibly hectic Savannah spring festival season and invariable spring renovation and interior redesign frenzy, we escaped to solitude.  Arizona in the summer, you say?  Well skip Scottsdale and head for the Arizona high-country.  At 4500 feet above sea level, the mornings are a cool 65%, and the evenings – perfection.  The experiences are infused with the spirit of the Navaho, Yavapai-Apache, and Havasupai cultures.   The transcendental heart of the spa, a circular crystal grotto, seems to dissolve, then evaporate any stress; the soul, no longer captive and confined, emerges – rejuvenation complete.

As fabulous as this seems, our next stop, my husband assures me, is beyond compare.  Our three-year old, just returned from Coyote Camp, covered in red rock dust and singing tribal songs might disagree.  She, like I, has already been enchanted.


Currently Inspired: Bone Collection

It’s no secret that we love natural curiosities. So much interest can be found in nature, it’s a wonder our whole store isn’t a natural history museum, filled with endless dioramas of diverse taxidermy and forestry. Although some may find it strange, we have always possessed a fondness for bones, and in our “Mad Scientist” section, there’s plenty to look at! From cow skulls to assorted teeth, leg bones to cicadas, our bones on display are sure to inspire wonder with the curious beauty only found in nature. 


Postcards from Paris: { Paris à la Russe }

My fascination towards the lost regal Russian culture began during a summer in Savannah. There was a group of Russian girls who were participating in an exchange program, and all lived in a grand house off E. Broad street. I made regular visits to this house where no English was spoken, and the only thing that translated across the language barrier was a spout of girly giggles. They were warm and welcoming in their foreign way, and would greet me with kisses on the mouth. The fascination continued after a dose of Tolstoy, and even in Paris there are certain Russian endroits that capture the intrigue of the culture even amongst the most typical of Parisian settings.

Once in a certain setting for long enough it turns into routine, and often the little details of a place become harder to find, and more difficult to make special. That setting becomes slightly stale. It’s after turning perspectives to another residing culture that I discover a refreshing outlook to this city; looking through the eyes of a different culture and seeing the way that Paris attracts them.

I took the afternoon to a stroll towards rue Pierre le grand (Peter the Great), where appropriately residing is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a beautiful Russian Orthodox church that glimmers between the Haussmann architecture. It was the venue where Pablo Picasso married the Russian ballet dancer, Olga Khokhlova. The interior is gilded with golden portraits of saints that sparkle in front of hundreds of lit candles each Sunday service. The atmosphere is specific and distinct to Russian stereotypes which make it all the more intriguing.

As I was clicking away trying to capture the details I eventually noticed a woman noticing me as she set up lunch tables. I commented on the beautiful cathedral, and detecting an accent she asked where I was from. She concluded that English was a good foundation language, and that I was off in a good direction learning French. Eventually, she said that I would be ready to learn Russian, and knowing both French and Russian, “the two most beautiful languages” I’d then be able to seduce the world, relying on English for practical matters. It seemed like sound advice at that moment, and I reacted eagerly by asking for a photo, but was denied. She maintained that Russian mystery, dark and intriguing, with elements of gold.



A Few of Our Favorite Things

We would like to welcome our newest team member, Collin! A recent graduate from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, Collin earned his degree in Creative Writing with focus in Woodworking. Shortly after finishing his studies, Collin decided to move to Savannah, bringing his immense talent with him. When he's not working at the store, you can find Collin hard at work building instruments, making jewelry, creating children's toys, designing light fixtures or updating his blog and etsy. We couldn't be more excited to have Collin as part of The Paris Market team and for him to share all his talent with us. Check out what keeps Collin inspired and stop by the store to see some of his beautiful woodworking, including our favorite line of children's tops!

1. Squirrel Nut Zippers Candy | 2. Starter Tool Kit | 3. Single Shot Espresso from our Patisserie 
4. Wooden Airplane | 5. Absinthe Sugar Cubes | 6. Santa Rosa Church Candles | 7. Life Notebook 
 8. Retro Pen


For the Love of Patterns

Lately we've begun incorporating several of our suzanis into our displays throughout the store, and we just can't seem to get enough of these colorful textiles! As we've become more and more enamored with these patterned fabrics, we were curious to know a bit more of their history as well. Originating in Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, Suzanis are traditional decorative tribal textiles that are full of both color and pattern. Common design motifs include flowers, leaves, vines, fish, birds and the sun and the moon, all of which recur throughout the textiles. Traditionally, Suzanis were created by Central Asian brides by hand as part of their dowry and would later be presented to the groom on their wedding day. Typically made using cotton or silk, it was common practice to create suzanis in two or more pieces that would later be stitched together. 

Next time you're looking to add some extra color to the household, try one of our colorful suzanis! These beautiful textiles are the perfect accent to offset a room in need!

Available at The Paris Market!


The Cycle of Savannah

One of the greatest perks of being located in the heart of Savannah's historic district is the ability to bike anywhere. Now that summer is in full swing and tour buses are filling the streets of downtown, attempting to drive has the potential to be somewhat of a headache, especially if you're hoping to find a parking spot. Besides, there really is no greater way to take in all of Savannah's beauty than by being up close on a bike, feeling the balmy breeze as you ride. Recently acquiring a beautiful vintage bicycle from England, we soon realized accessories were an absolute must. There's nothing more convenient than having a bike basket to carry your groceries, fresh baguettes, wine, or any other treasures you may find biking around town. It's always important to practice safety, and there's nothing as classic as a good ol' fashioned bell to let others know you're cruising through town. Just in case you find yourself in a mechanical emergency, we have the perfect pocket-sized tool kit for quick, on-the-go repairs. 

Cruise on down to the historic district and enjoy all the beauty Savannah has to offer! See you on the streets!


Ready to Play

It's all too easy to get lost in The Paris Market. Every corner of the store brings you to a different part of the world with all of its unique treasure. It's near impossible to pick our favorite area, however, without question, the most fun spot to get lost in is our section devoted to the young explorers of The Paris Market. 

Filled with vintage toys, finger puppets, striped onesies, french ABC blocks, kaleidoscopes, marbles and so much more, our baby section is a burst of colorful imagination. Overgrown toadstools, retro buses, mice in matchboxes and garden gnomes run this bustling wonderland of nostalgia, all of which are sure to bring joy and excitement to the whole family.  

With a surprise around every corner, our baby section is fun for both children and adults. Whether you're looking for an adorable new outfit for your newborn, a toolbox starter kit, or toys from another era, you're bound to find something that will excite your child's imagination. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Let your imagination run wild at The Paris Market!


Postcards from Paris: { a m s t e r d a m }

The assuming scent of lingering cannabis is evident. One can’t avoid mentioning it. When asked ;
-Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce week-end?
-Je vais y aller à Amsterdam.
The charm of house boats, bicycles, strolls on cobblestone along canals, tulips, Dutch porcelain, a beautiful Art Deco movie theatre, listening to church bells, chocolate sprinkles between bread for breakfast, the Dutch accent, wooden clogs, windmills, Vincent Van Gogh’s legacy, Anne Frank’s diary, Rembrandt’s masterpieces, and the general spectacle of Amsterdam architecture are dismissed.
Amsterdam has become a favourite destination away from Paris for me. Taking an 8-hour bus ride to spend a few hours in this city is worth it. Throughout the city there are quaint elements of old-world romanticism mixed with stark styles of design and modernity. There are art galeries everywhere with old wooden elaborate detailed doors with windows peering into abstract art. Bicycles are lined up between trees. Houseboats line the canals, and are covered with potted plants and terrace tables are set-up on deck.
A weekend is never enough, and I’m certain will never be.
My intention is to see it under every season, with its lingering scent only a small detail amongst the others.


On the Table: The South of France

Continuing with our summer inspired tablescapes, our most recent display takes us to the south of France. Utilizing the natural textures found in the terra cotta pots and linen napkins, we continued our motif with the inclusion of our hand carved olive wood utensils. The combination of bold, modern shapes found in our cheeseboards with the delicate, vintage plates brings a freshness to the table, keeping it from feeling too stale, while all the while retaining its timeless aesthetic. Though we were restrained in our distribution of color, the earthy palette undoubtedly keeps the mood relaxed, in an attempt to reflect not only the colors of France's countryside, but the lifestyle of those living in the South as well. If traveling to the South of France is out of our means, then at the very least, we can bring the best of it to our table for a memorable summer evening. 

Bon Appétit!


A Summer Refreshment

Selecting a few delicious flavors from our wonderful collection of Bellocq Teas, we recently brewed a few batches of refreshing iced tea to help ease the heat of summer. Looking for somewhere to store our beverages, we discovered our collection of glass jars and bottles were the perfect solution. Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, it's clear the possibilities for usage are quite endless. Possessing a timeless look, our glass containers undoubtedly bring a touch of nostalgia to your home. If you're planning a summer picnic, any variety of our jars will help store all the essentials needed for a delicious and relaxing meal.

Next time you're looking for an excuse to make a refreshing beverage, whether it be tea, juice, lemonade, iced coffee, or any other variety, our glass jars and bottles will help in making your delicious drinks a fun summer activity!

Available at The Paris Market.