Postcards from Paris: { Roland GARROS }

"After Cannes, Paris also has a right to a runway show on it's red carpet."
It’s the same set-up every year in France; the Cannes Film Festival occurs with celebrities in town, and a lot of talk on the upcoming films, what to anticipate and of course the who-wore-what of it all.
Then as quick as that little ‘pop’ from the container of fresh tennis balls, everyone migrates to Paris, and the match begins.
While living in Savannah once of my best friends and I attempted to incorporate tennis into our exercise routine. In fact our Paris Market barista, Susie graciously and encouragingly provided us with rackets. We played a few times before we both moved, but our tennis prospects weren’t very promising. I kept tennis in my mind as something for the future like taking ballet classes or learning how to play the piano. The interest was there, it just had to be encouraged a little more.
Watching tennis however is a past-time activity that occurred only a few weeks ago during the tournament in Madrid. We’d live vicariously with the audience, admiring the plays, the calf muscles pointing out Nadal’s nervous ticks, and always routing for the French.
But who is Roland Garros?
He was one of the first recognized French aviators and a fighter pilot during World War I. Garros attended many tennis matches during the 1920’s while he was studying in Paris; the stadium would eventually be named after him.
As the tournament continues and the lingering smell of fresh tennis balls fills Boulogne, we still route for the French.

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