The Jewelry Bar

On a rainy day like today, there's nothing more satisfying than digging through our jewelry bar. So many treasures are hidden throughout that making a decision on which pieces to select is a near impossibility. With such a unique variety to choose from, the potential for making original, one of a kind jewelry is endless. Accompanied with their own history, our jewelry pieces come from all over the world, including Mexico, France and Peru, making each separate piece all the more intriguing. Whether you're making a bracelet, a necklace, a set of earrings, or anything else, it's bound to attract attention with its original character.

Stop by soon and pick out some beautiful international Jewelry charms. We love thinking what one of a kind pieces you might create!

Available at The Paris Market!

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Curtains in My Tree said...

I am so glad I seen these pictures, they remind me not to put my bobbles and trinkets in my yard sale this week end
I may need to create something later on