On the Table: The South of France

Continuing with our summer inspired tablescapes, our most recent display takes us to the south of France. Utilizing the natural textures found in the terra cotta pots and linen napkins, we continued our motif with the inclusion of our hand carved olive wood utensils. The combination of bold, modern shapes found in our cheeseboards with the delicate, vintage plates brings a freshness to the table, keeping it from feeling too stale, while all the while retaining its timeless aesthetic. Though we were restrained in our distribution of color, the earthy palette undoubtedly keeps the mood relaxed, in an attempt to reflect not only the colors of France's countryside, but the lifestyle of those living in the South as well. If traveling to the South of France is out of our means, then at the very least, we can bring the best of it to our table for a memorable summer evening. 

Bon Appétit!

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