On the Shelf: Air plants

If you remember several months ago we posted about air plants and how to care for them. Once again our shelves are in full bloom with these curious plants and we wanted you to hear it first! To refresh your memory, Tillandsia, otherwise known as air plants, are a species of plants native to forests, mountains and deserts in Central and South America and the southern United States. Non-parasitic, air plants rely on their host only for support as they collect nutrients and moisture from the air. As water is absorbed through their leaves, the roots of an air plant are used only as anchors. Overgrown with Tillandsia, our shelves are host to various shapes and sizes, and we can't get enough! The most exciting part of collecting air plants, other than watching them grow, is the chance to discover new ways of displaying and arranging them. They're a great way to freshen up the house and undoubtedly add an element of curiosity to any of your own displays. Stop by soon and see our collection before they all bloom!

Available at The Paris Market!

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